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Truth Be Known

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Band Profile

Truth Be Known Truth Be Known [Genre: Death Metal]

Subash - Vocals
John - Guitars
Damien - Guitars
Arul - Bass
Gene - Drums

Email: truthbeknownsg@gmail.com
Official Site: http://www.myspace.com/truthbeknownsg

TRUTH BE KNOWN is a death metal band from Singapore. The band consists of Subash, John, Damien, Arul and Gene. John and Arul were formerly from NARASIMHA together with Seelan, Vinod and Deva in 2000. In 2005, realizing a partial indifference among members with regards, NARASIMHA disbanded.

A couple of months later, Arul and John wanted to continue to pursue their interest in music. Subash, who plays in KALIYUGA joined in as the vocalist, Damien who plays for BHELLIOM as the other guitarist and Gene who plays in HARZARGGADAH as the drummer, and the five got back to business with regular jamming sessions. To celebrate this union, the five announced their presence by performing in gigs at local clubs and overseas as well (Indonesia).

Soon the band decided to crown itself with a new official name having realized that things were going all too well. Hence, TRUTH BE KNOWN(taken from a Napalm Death song) was born.

With the initiation over, TRUTH BE KNOWN wanted to come up with an album., the band took 6 months to discover themselves when they went into a soul searching period. Finally, in June 2006 the band has finally started recording songs for their debut album at Blackisle Studios which will be released later this year. With a new musical vision, the band undertakes this new path towards metal.
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