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Music Against Drugs 2003 (Flyer)

Gig Review written by juzbum

The show started an hour late, but you could see certain bands sound check with some songs and since the tix was only $5 it was a great gig. Among the acts in the bands playing were Paul ‘Overlord’ and Friends, Dethmute, Custom Daisy, Alternate Delete, The Mother, Global Chaos, Axed Ministers and Full Pledged Monkees. From the band lineup and the way the amps were arranged, this would be a promising event.

Paul ‘Overlord’ and friends kick start the gig with some of his originals and only one thing can describe it, they rock it up. Playing a mix of east and west influence, their songs sound unique and different but put one in a great relaxing mood. A great mood to start off a gig (meaning to get ready to headbang). On their third song, which is entitled ‘Our roots our land’, there is a small solo for every instrument. From the bongo (I think that is what it is called) to the keyboards, all perform a solo which shows skill and class. On this song then one could hear each individual players skills, and boy were they good.

Halfway in their performance, the MC went up to the stage to talk about the message of the gig, which is fight against drug. Then Paul ‘Overlord’ and friends call up a friend of them to be a vocalist in their upcoming songs in this gig. I believe his name is Razak (sorry if I got the name wrong). This time they did covers, some of it are from Skid Row. Overall the first performance rock rock rock rock!

After a long wait for the next band, The Mother, the MC announce that the band could not make it to the gig. A band is to take over its place. I believe its name is Fopiztensia. Their lead guitarist is not there so Azrin from Axed Ministers was used instead. They play covers from Metallica. Considering they were just thrown in the last minute, they perfrom quite well.

The next band, Dethmute, was good to go. Playing a huge dose of death and trash metal, they managed to get a good number of folks head banging in the front, most of the crowd didn’t really get into it. They unleash an arsenal of in-your-face shreds and a drummer whom was born for blastbeats. Firstly playing Arise and Inner Self from Sepultura. They cover Sepultura speed thrashingly well. Next they played a original song called Torment. They were still trying to get the crowd up, but a futile attempt. Next another cover from Metallica. The well known song, Master of Puppets. Wooo Hooo another Metallica song. When all is over the guitarist/vox announced that Singapore is not "Fan Based" but instead "Friends Based".

Next up in the limelight was Custom Daisy. Now, who does not know Custom Daisy. Widely known for their earth shattering riffs, it wasn't a surprise the crowd started to get into it. More are pouring in to the front and headbanging with the band. Some even start to body surf. Powerfull riffs and rhythm. More Custom Daisy performance in Singapore hopefully.

Next up, the humor band Alternate Delete. The MC went up and try to get the vox to give a message, what do you think the MC would like to hear? Something like "No to Drugs" or whatever. But instead he said "Together we could fight SARS". The vox lightens up the crowd with his jokes and antics. He just don’t give a damn. Alternate Delete start off by playing a System Of A Down song called Needles. Halfway in their second song, something went wrong with the power. While the crew are fixing it, the band go and take pictures, and do funny shit. This is one slack band. They then continue to perform the rest of their songs. From the songs played, one can know they are influenced by System Of A Down. So there are a lot of the weird and hardcore riffs. Two thumbs up to them.

Then an unexpected announcement came. The band which could not come just now, The Mother, will be performing. Looks like everything is ok. It is a good change from all the previous band, as they have been playing metal. Playing rock, The Mother, just slow down the pace and let the crowd have a sigh (pant) of relief. Great integration from all the individual players. Just what you expected from them. The bassist is a veteran from Stomping ground. Great Great Great. Some originals and some covers. But what is disappointing is that the crowd are not really into it. Worst yet, most of them take it as a sign to leave to have dinner, smoke or do whatever it is they wanted to do. You must give credit to The Mother. Great band, great songs and great performance. When The Mother was done, the MC went up and tell us that we have a very very short break around 5mins.

Global Chaos is up and they took a while to set up their equipment, but the vox entertain the crowd by anyway he could, meaning talking about crap. When all is set up, when I thought performance time, look who showed up. The replacement for the guest of honour to give a speedh and reveal the Music Against Drug Logo. When all is finish, Global Chaos went on with the show with the Music Against Drug Theme song, War In My Head. The vox and the bongo player, have great on stage presence. The bongo player pull out all stops and do some fire tricks, while the band is playing. This you don’t see or smell(kerosene) everyday at a gig. Then the band decided to play something different ( I also dunno what the hell it was). But you have to give credit where it is due. Great performance, pull out all the stops and stunts and great music to entertain us.

Next band up is the one and only Axed Ministers. Whoa you should see the crowd, all headbanging and singing along. Some even went upfront and headbang with Axed Ministers. They start off with Misery and headbanging mode has already started. I just dunno what to say except, only Axed Ministers could deliver it Axed-style. These guys present you with a speed-metal onslaught and the crowd headbang in to them. With their ever famous trademark of dual attack melody driven riffs, killer lines from the bass, blastbeats from the drums and clear yet you can feel the rage in the voice from the vox. The fast rhythmic riffs and harmonizing solos from both guitars are just a small part of their metal onslaught arsenal. Both Asta and Azrin, are not like performing more like dueling each other to see who is better. This take the gig to another whole level. If you have never seen then perform before then you better go see them at least once. Finishing it with "Now its My turn", they unleashed hell on the crowd and I believe even the devil will be dancing to this tune.

By now, I had to disengage my self from the event. My ears and neck were getting tired. Continual head banging and metal rage can cause you brain damage. Your brain will keep telling your body to headbang and before you know it you will be headbaning involuntarily. If you believe that the you are a dumbass. Next band up Full Pledge Monkees. Sorry to them, I need to leave, something urgent just popped up. And the moshing scene at the front also convince me to leave.

I cannot rate them but I did see what happen, when the band start playing, all the Mohawks and ska fans stand up and mosh and dance at the front. I could not see what happen next and dunno whether is there a jamming session after the last band, Full Pledge Monkees. While at the bus stop I could hear their songs. They sound ok, just not my cup of tea (classy but lame joke intended).

After staying so long, I could say the gig was quite a success. There were no major hiccups, except the one where Alternate Delete was playing, and no serious crowd troubles. This gig was worth your time to travel here and your money. I dunno whether the anti-drug message get through the crowd, but hey I believe everyone enjoy themselves. And that is what it should be. Anyway this is the end of my review. Peace out and watch out for next year Music Against Drug (if there is any). See ya all.
Copyright 2006 Pure Rock