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Meltgsnow Album Launch (Flyer)

Gig Review written by Mithotyn

Band lineup (in order of appearance): Meza Virs, Very Ape, Opposition Party, Meltgsnow.

This is one of the rarest album launch gig I have ever been to other than Impiety's Kaos Kommand 696 Launch. I paid $15 for the entrance fee which include their CD as well. I must really admit Meltgsnow put in alot of hard work in producing this album. From the album sleeves to the CD layout to the song quality, every single details was done with pride.

Meza Virs kick off their set with my favourite song from them, "Tragic Vendetta". It proves to be a well chosen opening song as seen clearly with few guys already headbanging so early part of the gig. After that, they played songs such as "Hauntas Eternal" and "The Dwell Beneath". The Cradle Of Filth song they covered I feel could have been better improved as it wasn't really very tight. As usual, guitarist Johnny had minimal movement on stage. Cedric has also this bad habit of panting after the songs which shows a lack of stamina. But overall, Meza Virs was a much better band compared to the last gig at Impiety's Kaos Kommand album launch. I am glad female vocalist, Jasmine sang more this time round. And when she is not singing, she left for backstage rather than just stoning there on stage. In their next gig, I hope Johnny can put in effort to move more on the stage. It will make the whole band more interesting to watch.

The next band to play was a band all the way from Japan, Very Ape. I really don't know how to describe their music. Was it stoner/old school rock/punk/experimental? But whatever it is, they can really play technically well. The bassist and guitarist was really in sync with the drummer, as it can heard on some of those difficult stop/start beats. The vocalist had also some weird multi-effects equipment which I'm the first time seeing a band use it. Very Ape played quite a long set but never at any time showed that they were tired. Although they had a lack of support from the audience, they still played with enthusiasm which was very very professional. I would say their music is not really appealing to me, but I still quite enjoyed myself seeing them play.

There was a break before Opposition Party took onto the stage. WOW... It has been a long time since I last saw them played and they didn't disappoint me with their thrashy punk songs. Mind you they were one of the pioneer punk/metal bands in Singapore and has been in this scene for so long. Yet they still have the energy and enthusiasm like in the good old days! However, there was really a lack of support from the audience (maybe is because they were a punk band?) which was quite disheartening to see. Only members from Meza Virs, Anil and a punk went in front to headbang for the first few songs. I noticed that they replaced Ray with new drummer, Alfe. That's why there was a cock up in the middle of the set (Drummer KAYU!) as he wasn't familiar with the songs maybe. Opposition Party ended their set with their most famous song, "Impending Death"! This proves to be a turning point as more metalheads (including me) came in front to headbang. Overall, it was a chaotic but entertaining set from Opposition Party, not to mention the lack of support also.

The headlining act of the night was from Meltgsnow. Before the band came onto the stage, they aired some gothic music over the PA. It really set the mood for all of us. Then Meltgsnow started off playing "Greed For Insanity" after the 2 fire breathers had breathed fire at opposite end of stage. The atmosphere was really amazing. Dannie as usual was singing while moving his body in various weirdy postures. Guitarist, Zack was in his happy mood, playing and smiling all the time. Bassist, Fye as usual stood there with little movement on stage. It would be a perfect set if Fye would have move more a bit, because I was really glad to see Dannie and Zack mingling with the front crowds. Well, I must really admit Dannie is the most charismatic frontman in the local scene right now. With his white painted face and his unique leather outfit, he looked very devilishy evil. Their set comprises of mainly their own songs such as "Suicidal Child", "Shadow Monkey" and "A Brute's Ire" with a guest vocalist. They also covered Ozzy's "Mr Crowley" and Steppen Wolf's "Born To Be Wild" which I greatly enjoyed headbanging to. Overall, Meltgsnow played a truly entertaining and impressive set. It is really rare to see such a professional band nowadays.

In conclusion, I feel that my $15 was really worth the money. The sound is good, the place is so cozy and the performance of the bands were really entertaining. However, the gig could have been much better if more metal bands were included into the gig, because the number of audience that turned up was really too little. But nevertheless, me and my friends enjoyed ourself during the gig. Special thanks to Ryan (Azrael) for making the sound a success, and also Anil for headbanging throughout the gig (HAHAHAH!).
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