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Gig Review written by olibia

Version 1.0 Infusion Despite a headcount of less than 40, 4-piece EightBall got the gig Version 1.0 Infusion by Red Artz Production rolling at 3:30pm with their pop-punkish tunes accompanied by a strong and beautiful female vocal backed by the rest of the band. It was very happy music and lyrical wise; perfectly pure and simple. It suddenly struck me that most punkrock bands in Singapore (correct me if I'm wrong) more or less have ska guitar riffs in their music.

After the 35 minute set, a (emo)punkrock band 59 Minutes took over the stage. Due to some technical problems, there was a 10 minute delay. The crowd cheered when they finally started playing and this time round, more mature sounding music filled the air space. They were tight and it seemed like the band enjoyed their set.

Each band was, I suppose, given 40 minutes for their set and next up was Plainsunset. The lead guitarist here Sham played bass for the previous band, 59 Minutes. Halfway through their first song, the power supply got cut off and there was a full 25 minute delay. A short while after they resumed playing, it was stopped again for there was a problem with the amplifers. PS, having being around for 10 years now, needless to say, got the crowd head bopping to songs found on their old records. I was dismayed when one of the amplifiers stopped functioning again but none of the soundmen bothered to walk up front to check it out.

It was already evening by the time the 4th band got to play and yes, there were several delays due to the unconsistant power supply. I myself was quite irritated by then and irritation was also on the faces of some others. The 40-odd crowd has then increased to a 200-odd one, most of them being "skinheads" and well, skankers. Skankers because I have no idea how these people are catagorised.

Perhaps it was the crowd and the air pollution caused by cigarette smoke, perhaps it was the absolutely crappy sound the equipment was producing, whatever it was, my nerves were frayed (of course I'm exaggerating here) and I contemplated abandoning the gig. And I did, right after one last disruption for the day.

So I heard every band on the list got to play except for Sang Froid because Plainsunset had to stand in for them due to some unforseen circumstances. Judging from the people I have spoken to, half did not really have an enjoyable time at the gig. Anyway, that is not really the point of this article. It was when I saw that the soundmen did not get their asses up to fix the problem the amplifiers were having that brought about the inspiration to scrape the gig review and turn it into 2/3 an article instead.

A few days ago, I was set on writing about how full of shit some people who are apparently 'in' the local scene can be. Then... again, so many other gripers at so many other forums and in so many other articles have already said what's needed to be heard, I suddenly didn't see the point of rewriting everything all over again. There is so much talk and so many complaints but nobody is doing anything just drastic enough to make a change.

Enough of the round about, like they say, to get an insight of a country, look at the government. There is not much sense of us doing every bit to help get the scene up when there is no sincere support from our authority. Talk about promoting art and culture, bring Oliver and Singin' In the Rain into the country and create big fusses but hear nothing about our own local acts? Talk about what everything stands for on the flag, look where BigO magazine has got itself to today. A shorter review license for them, out the window you go should any articles are offending enough. Thorough identity check before you step up and off at already covered in cobwebs Speakers' Corner. High praises in the papers on and about 18 year old girl on MOE yet seeing no impact on our governors. Just your daily something for them to write and muse about.

Well, just a passing thought. Among many others.
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