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Battle Of The Rock 2003

Gig Review written by Kaze

At about 4.30pm, I arrived at Thomson C.C. to take over the rest of the Pure Rock staff. The next band that perform was Revolution a 5-peice band, they played originals. It was an ok band with good rhythm coordination.

Up next is Ground Zero a 4 piece band, they played 2 songs, one from Blink 182 and a second Original, arrangement of music was quite good and in sync. Highlight of this band is the vocalist, good and clear vocals with good stage performance.

The next band that brings the crowd to a breath-taking height was Holy Trinity a 3 piece band consisting of the drummer, guitarist and bassist. They did covers, Enter Sandman and Master of Puppets by Metallica. The climax of the band is when the Guitarist did several good guitar techniques and showed his scaling skills and stuff, there was even a part where he played with his guitar over his back, what a sight!

Next band is Holocaust. They too played the same cover of Master Of Puppets by Metallica, but unlike "Holy Trinity", this band had 2 vocalists. The vocals they did is not so clear which I personally think is contributed by the many vocals. The arrangement of their music is ok, the drummer is the better player of the band.

Following next is Skill Sutra. They did a cover on "Black Sabbath" and Iron Maiden's "Hallowed Be Thy Name". The Black Sabbath cover was averagely done whilst the Maiden cover was not so well done but vocals for both songs is good, vocals is clear and the pitch is right. The lead is a little off-tune but can be improved with more practicing.

I didn't get to catch the next band name but they did a Rock Malay ballad which was quite okay. The arrangement of their music is well done.

Next up is Saphire. They started off with a good bass and lead. The drumming was clear too, overall quite a promising band.

Last band to perform that night was Liquid Steel, also my pick of the whole competition. The reason is because the arrangement of music is very well done and in sync. The lead and the bass did a very good job maintaining the pitch and the sound. As the band kicked off, the guitarist even went down to the stage to do a short lead. At this point, I could see some of the crowd in front supporting this band. Another reason why I picked this band is because they are the only band that day where the drums, bass, guitar and vocals can be all clearly heard. We then have a short break.

Shortly after we have a guest singer who sang some Malay ballad, the only part of me that enjoyed this was my eyes because she was a great beauty!!! After that everyone welcomed the guest of honor, MP of Thomson district. After the welcoming, we have what everyone is waiting in anticipation for the whole night, the performance of Rusty Blade and Rockers. They rock the stage with their first song Holy Diver by DIO. As they played, most of the crowd had already moved in front to support the band and head banging, it was truly a great sight.

The let-down of the show was when out of the corner I saw one lady (one of the guests) sitting down reading a book when the bands is performing. That was like so rude and I was very pissed by the lack of respect. The prize presentation came next with the guitarist from Rusty Blade giving the younger kids advice on playing Music. The event "Battle Of The Rock" then ended with everyone in high spirit.

I would rate this event 8/10. Overall it is very good and interesting as it brings out the younger kids who actually have the potential to play some really good music and will hopefully promote Rock music in Singapore and internationally. For those who missed this event, hopefully there would be a next "Battle Of The Rock".

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