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Confest / Metallica Album Launch

Gig Review written by Talon

Confest / Metallica Album Launch I was in full anticipation of having a great Metal session at the Metallica Album launch for St.Anger. I expected a barrage of tunes from one of their old albums such as, Master of Puppets or Ride the Lightning the moment I walked in but was denied. Instead, I found myself listening to some Reggae tunes. As I took over for Scuzzy, I looked at the performers and suddenly my heart sank as a guy in front was simply doing weird stuff with the band and the crowd. He was posing and prancing around like he owned the stage. I suppose it would be good at other gigs for other genre but at a metal gig you don’t need cheap thrills like this.

After the band (and the weird guy) left, the mc announced that the cd for St.Anger is to be realeased on Mon 9th June, although I did see it being sold at HMV. It comes with a DVD, which has interviews and videos on Metallica. And also codes to access the website to download some extra goodies. And then I heard news that our long time Bass player, Jason Newstead is no more. I hate it when that happens. We’ll talk about his replacement later. They also played a montage on Metallica’s old videos. That definitely got the crowd warmed up.

There were 3 bands which played at the launch and the first one was Plainsunset. They’re first was Enter Sandman. When the familiar tune started I cracked a smile but that’s as far as it went as the song suddenly changed, it was remixed. And it didn’t stop at that. They did it again to For Whom the Bell Tolls and their remixes sounded more like modern rock then Metal, which was what I was expecting. Their following songs were their own and not many people were supporting them. The crowd’s initial reaction to Enter Sandman had slowly died down and from what I saw on those disappointed faces they were waiting for something from Metallica and no remixes. The band did a good stage performance though and overall I would say they were good at modern rock but I don’t think they should have performed at a Metallica Album Launch.

They played the DVD again after that and we all leapt for joy as they were showing the video for Frantic of St.Anger and unlike any tune in Load or Reload, this song has much of the Metallica we all used to know. The power seems to be back!

Next up was Fishtank. I remember wondering if they had come to the wrong place as I definitely was supposed to be there for Metal music and what they were playing was waaaay of that genre. When they played their own song S.O.B I was wishing I had gone to cover Olibia’s gig instead of coming here. At least Plainsunset did a bit of Metallica and although they weren’t playing metal, it wasn’t that far of. And as I was writing this I suddenly heard "oo,oo" from the vocs. And I just sat there, speechless. A group of people suddenly crowded in front and as they jumped to the music, I suddenly got reminded of Christians at a mass. Then to top it all of, they played a remixed Version of Seek and Destroy. The vocs couldn’t have said it better, they really disgraced Metallica.

It was DVD time again and they talked about Robert Trujillo, Metallica’s new Bassist. They’re 1st contact with him was in 1994 and according to the rest of them the reason why they chose him is because of his great stage presence and they found that he was exactly what they needed on the band. This guy even played with our grandfather, Ozzy!! They showed the video for Sweet Amber, another song from St.Anger and I think after watching, that they definitely got their old style back. But you’ll never know till you hear their whole album.

And now we come to our Grande finale, Aphelion. It felt like suddenly a rush of adrenaline pumped through my veins and everything was so right. The 1st chord for Master of Puppets hit me like lightning and that’s when metal heads started rushing to the front and head banging. Oh yeah it was something we were waiting for the entire night. They were the saviors for the night as Hard Rock was exploded into the Metal Zone.

Overall, I would say the launch was a great disappointment up till Aphelion performed. Either the organizers were thinking of saving the best for last or they really didn’t know how to choose the bands. And as for Metallica ... They Rule!!!

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