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Gig Review written by olibia

Band lineup (in order of appearance): Altered-Natives, Heavy Metal band w/o a name, Rancour, Realize, Recover, My Precious, NorPhrunt, United By Fate, Objection Overule, Sang Froid and Kate Of Kale (did not play).

Situated on the 2nd storey of one of the shop houses in Clarke Quay, Naughty Nine was not difficult to locate with that thumping drum beat vibrations which could be heard all the way from the streets. Brightly painted wooden flight of staircase leads to where Alleyway Revolution 3 was held.

Coming from the dimly lit space were thuds of a strong bass lead and a Thom Yorke sound-alike crooning Radiohead's Creep. Altered-Natives was the first band to perform that afternoon. They played Creed covers as well and sported great showmanship by inviting one of the girls in the crowd to share the platform with the lead vocalist during one of the songs. The band was tight and the lead vocalist did a very good impersonation of Scott Strapp during the Creed covers.



It was close to 4pm after Altered-Natives finished their set and although there was not much of a crowd, I could see that both the band and the small audience had a good time. The setting of the gig was well done, for the stage was terraced and that made it easy to check out each and every one of the band members during their sets.

After Altered-Natives it was a heavymetal band that played. The name of the band was not announced but I was very impressed when the drummer did his thing and joined in the vocals as well. However, the guitars and the bass sounded very messed up at one part as there were too many leads going on at one time. The lead guitar, when leading, was barely audible.

Up next was Rancour, an immediate refreshment to the ears was brought after all the heavymetal by (insert the band here). The 4 piece punkrock band played several originals and got the crowd bopping to their ska bits on guitars. The bassist played not only power chords, but he scaled as well, which was impressive. There was an increment in crowd number in the later afternoon and it was starting to seem like most of them were there for the hardcore bands.

3 hardcore bands Realize, Recover and My Precious played consecutively after Rancour and it was obvious that the crowd had a hell of a time moshing. With exclamations like 'BREAK ALL BARRIERS' and 'BROTHERLY UNITY DIVIDES US NOT', a definate aura of bond pervaded these hardcore bands. 4 piece band Recover had the crowd wanting for more after their 20 minute set and so to appease them, 2 extra songs were performed. Then after My Precious, the only active hardcore band with females on vocals took the stage.

With 2 female vocalists in My Precious, the effort of them trying to incorporate melody into all the screaming was noticeable. Although too much hardcore numbs the brain (my brain, in this case) and everything would start to sound senseless, I had a good time watching the crowd have fun.

Plucky the 4 piece MXPX style punkrock band was next and like all the other bands, they were tight in playing. There was a lack of showmanship though, it was continuous play from the time they went on stage until the time they got down from it. The crowd dispersed again and I, having being in the pub for about 5 good hours then, was almost bored to tears although the music was good.

3 piece punkrock band NorPhrunt played after and even though they managed to lighten things up by having distorted ska bits on guitars, which I found a little odd sounding, there wasn't much of a change in the atmosphere since Plucky, for the frontman made no attempt to sport even a wee bit of showmanship.

8:15pm, United By Fate plays. Yet another hardcore band, the front of the pub was once again filled with eager boys and girls. What caught my attention was that the music they played, the guitars, bass and drums sounds were nicely blended together. Perhaps it was the kind of equilization the amplifiers had, I couldn't tell.

Objection Overule

Objection Overule

Objection Overule finally went on after so many bands. At this point, I had a sneaking suspicion that the sets of the rest of the bands would be cut short, and I was right. OB played only 4 songs and Sang Froid, they were asked to stop after 2 and Kate of Kale did not perform. It was a super let down. The crowd was good natured enough to not protest when Sang Froid was asked to stop, though.

Having spoken to a few of the bartenders, it seemed that they are quite supportive of having such local acts playing in the pub. Nash commented, 'These people are very young, but they can play very well.'. The organisers weren't to blame for the mishandling of time because a few of the earlier bands were late and did not perform at the time allocated and the bar was already opened by the time NorPhrunt started playing.

To give an overall rating for gig, I would say 7/10.
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