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Brand New Sunset Album Launch

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Brand New Sunset - Realistic

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Gig Review

Brand New Sunset Album Launch (Flyer)

Gig Review written by PuSSyCaT

Arriving at The Arts House, I observed the difference between the gig goers and the other artsy-fartsy guests. The in-house Security would not give a second look to the youths sporting tight jeans, studded belts, Converse shoes and various band t-shirts – but as soon as a stiff in a suit strolled up, it was all, “Good evening Sir/ M’am, may I help you?”.

The Arts House (which was formally the Parliament House) has a certain air to it which is not very welcoming for youths of this music scene.

We proceeded upstairs to the Play Den and were told that the gig would start an hour later than stated on the publicity materials.

Paris In The Making

Paris In The Making

At 8pm, “Paris In The Making”, kicked things off with a handful of their originals. In one song, their Guitarist forgot to come in so they had to stop, apologize profusely and sheepishly start all over again. The Vocals were what my little sister would describe as, “making you feel like wanting to clear your throat or take a Strepsil or something…”

Perhaps it was due to nerves, or an excruciatingly tiny stage, but for some reason, the band members had their backs turned to the audience majority of the time.

A Vacant Affair

A Vacant Affair

The next band up was, “A Vacant Affair”, which had hints of Metal in their sound. Sporting colourful hairdos, they had good stage presence and captured the crowd’s attention very well. Unfortunately due to technical difficulties, shortly into their 2nd or 3rd song, the Vocalist could not be heard and he was obviously getting very frustrated.

Head-liner band’s, “Brand New Sunset” vocalist made a cameo appearance and sang along during the last song.

Much to their fans’ disappointment, they had to end their set early.

During the interval, an uptight representative of The Arts House approached a few of the audience members and rudely told them not to sit on the seats as it was “not allowed”. Although this was a rule, there was no need for her to be impolite. It goes to show the mentality of some people with “petty power” and no respect for patrons of The Arts House, just because they donned different attire from the usual uppity crowd. Although I am proud of Voideck Music for pulling off this gig and making it this far, once again it made me wonder the suitability of the venue for such an event – especially with unprofessional behaviour to ruin one’s mood for the evening.

3rd band, “Sky In Euphoria”, left some a bit confused as to whether they were there to play songs or preach their religion – not very subtle too, mind you.

Brand New Sunset

Brand New Sunset

Finally!! “Brand New Sunset” took to the stage with great energy. Front-man, “Toon”, made the crowd grin with his funny faces and little jokes. His English is as good as my Thai (which is fairly decent enough to hold a proper conversation without the other party staring blankly at you or with a raised eyebrow). One also couldn’t help but wonder if he was sponsored by a particular beer company or just had a personal passion for it, after spotting a rather detailed tattoo on his right arm of a green beer bottle.

They played songs from their new Realistic album such as: How Long, Crawling, Realistic, Jeremy Hartly.

After expressing with great enthusiasm, their love for Black Sabbath, they went on to play a cover of, “Children of the Grave”. The crowd was worked up into a frenzy and lapped up all the stage antics.

At one point, one of the Guitarists jumped into the crowd and continued playing his solo from there. The iron-lunged Vocalist would occasionally stage dive, which encouraged hyper fans to follow suit.

They came back onstage after their set for an encore, after persuasive chanting from the fans.

Some bands sound completely different from their CD – which sometimes can be a bad thing because they fall short. But Brand New Sunset certainly lived up to it and we were treated to a great performance of talented musicians, good showmanship and overall excellent band chemistry.
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