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Ugly In The Morning - Ugly In The Morning Ugly In The Morning - Ugly In The Morning

Album Review written by yun

Ugly In The Morning might be the band’s name, but do not be mistaken – their music is nowhere near the barometers of ugly.

In fact, what these six guys have come up with is a commendable debut effort, totally DIY, consisting 9 pulsating tracks that are easy on the ears and clear, pristine recording (kudos to Myx Studios for never failing to deliver the goods). In all, an enjoyable listening trip for anyone who pops it into their CD player.

Fans of funk, this is definitely an album you should check out, as funk music is one of Ugly In The Morning’s major strengths, among others. Evident from their delightfully groovy opening “East of Freedom”, the fun, retro-inspired “Pastor Pete” (I love its rhythmically challenging arrangement!), the lazy, chill-out instrumental track “A Week” (demonstrating the band’s musicianship and tightness) to the one with the cheeky lyrics and clever innuendoes, “Diamond” – “You are young, Show you how/Put my thing, Between yours now/Now you know, Put up a show/Let me slide, In you all night”; it’s time to let your roving imagination run amok, folks! Haha.

However, just when you think Ugly In The Morning is all about funk, the band switches mode and shows it can handle other genres of music with just as much ease – whether it’s the college rock-ish “On and On”, “Stupid ‘A’ Song” with its punk, radio-friendly pop feel or the pensive, heart-wrenching “Carpets”. You know how some songs hit you in all the right emotional spots and get you all worked up; for me, “Carpets” has just that effect. Lasting a wonderful 11minutes, the mood builds up gradually to a resounding epic finish. The vocals, the guitars, the bass, the drums – they never sounded better together.

Ugly? Let’s just say Ugly In The Morning is way off that mark.
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