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Satellite - Don't Look Down Satellite - Don't Look Down

Album Review written by yun

(Published and distributed by Satellite)

This album review has been served two years too late.

When indie rock outfit Satellite released Don’t Look Down back in 2002, the band was undoubtedly at the peak of their prime, doing gigs and shows, even going as far as to garner critical acclaim from mainstream publications. One good example would be ST Life!, in which music reviewer Yeow Kai Chai unabashedly likened singer/percussionist Daniel Phipps’ “slightly off-key vocal style” as a cross “between Bret Anderson and Jarvis Cocker”. Fast-forward to 2004. Satellite seems to have suddenly faded into oblivion. No longer active in the local rock scene, their official website too, looks badly in need of an update.

It’s not hard to understand the band’s meteorological rise in popularity two years ago. Unlike most local bands who play mainly metal and punk, Satellite aligns itself more to the indie side of rock, drawing inspiration from the veins of Brit bands such as Travis, The London Suede, The Verve and Ocean Colour Scene. To put it simply, they appeal to listeners who don’t like their music too heavy and hard. It’s like drinking coffee; if you prefer it black, strong and bitter, chances are that Satellite’s probably not your cup of kopi. But if you like it sweet, with added creamer to give it a smooth, lingering aftertaste, Satellite would most likely make your day.

From the hypnotic “Daydreamer”, the breezy, laidback “Somebody’s Kitchen” (great stuff from the lead guitarist!), the upbeat, groovy “Strike Back”, to my personal favourite on the album, the melancholic “Only Life to Blame” – this track really allows the vocalist’s trademark drawl to shine through – Satellite shows us it definitely has the goods to make it big.

But the one million dollar question is, where are they now?
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