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The Observatory - Time Of Rebirth [Demo]

Album Review written by juzbum

First place I need to apologize to The Observatory for the really late CD album review. Well this review is for the demo album - ‘Time Of Rebirth’. On the 26th March they are going to have their debut album launch gig and will be selling this album as well so go on down, catch them live and grab a recorded copy for keeps. Ok so here is the review of the album.

Track Listing:

1 How’s Life?
2 Killing Time
3 Queen Of Fate
4 Another Passerby
5 Relationships with Sin
6 Ask
7 This Sad Song
8 Time Of Rebirth
9 Hearts and Souls
10 Fishbowl Flag

If you are looking for gut busting drumming solo, or face melting guitar solo or what ever you need to headbang or rock your body, then this album is not for you. However, this album instead provides a feeling for one to chill and take a moment from the fast paced lives we lead. In this album you could hear a wide range of instruments used in their compositions; from keyboards to guitar to trumpet and some crazy and cool effects. Upon hearing this album one would be amazed at their creative songwriting. For example from a simple phrase that we normally use; "How’s Life", they craft a song, and this song’s lyrics are most cleverly written. Below are my opinions on some tracks from the album:


Just stated above this song, it is all about the popular phrase "How’s life". The band takes you to look at how every individual’s life differs from one another and therefore the answer to this question might be different, yours and mine. This song also states the unpredictability of the future, "Slowly slipping a tall down hill, how’s life these days".


This is a song with a simple but nevertheless, nice intro. I believe the meaning of the song here is that people are waste and kill too much time, when they could instead use that time to find true meanings in their life. The arrangements of the song is great, a nice transition from the keyboard to when the whole band comes in.


This song is written for a late friend of the band. The music is composed really well; I could feel the music in me, the grief and sadness of losing a friend.

All of the above are my opinions and if I made a mistake or wrongly translated the meaning of the songs thus misrepresenting them, drop me an email me and I will correct as necessary. Chill and dump the tension. Juzbum signing off.
Copyright 2006 Pure Rock