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Last Transmission - Last Transmission Last Transmission - Last Transmission

Album Review written by olibia

"...runaway thoughts and runaway smiles runaway dreams and sad goodbyes..."

1) Negation
2) Glass Angels
3) Runaway
4) Edinburgh
5) Transience
6) Flowers Between Us
7) Black and White Moments of Clarity

7 track self titled debut album with instrumental first and last tracks that sound like what you would call an Intro and an Outro... Last Transmission had sure put in heaps of hard work, energy and time into this production. Credit for originality in their compositions can be awarded without a doubt; LT plays with both clean picks/strums and different effects in the guitars and bass guitar, blending them to perfect harmonization. Then there is the haunting crystal clear voice of the female lead vocalist, Zarina, crooning lyrics of poetry in all of the songs except for Edinburgh, where guitarist John (who also plays the keyboard), takes on the mike. Below is a breakdown review for the tracks listed in this CD.


This song started out with some very promising punk rock sounding guitar riffs before breaking down into a short guitar solo and then to clean, mellowed down strumming. Effects (reverbs, echoes and such) were put into the vocalist’s part and by just having her voice being so clear sounding was impressive enough. A good record done though the bass could have been a little bit louder; his bass line was not really audible over the creative blend of guitars. And perhaps working on having the bass guitar being in better synchronization with the drums during the interlude would create a better sound on the whole.


A play of time signatures and different accented beats were used here and the lyrics written for this piece was brilliant and real thought inducing. Of course I will not have the whole chunk here just to prove my point. You guys would have to go get the CD to get my point... Anyway, what started out to be a clean and moderate strum accelerated to a faster playing at the bridge before finally bringing in the distortion at the chorus. During the interlude was when the guitars and drums went full on speed (whoa, a hint of speed metal in this song you’d think) that ended a little too quickly then it broke down to a calm, clean strum again. Though with so many variations, Last Transmission still managed to put them all together to create a nice accord.


After scanning through pages of search results on this song title, I could only derive at the conclusion of Edinburgh being the name of the capital of Scotland which is probably a few hundred years old. Perhaps that would account for the very traditional sounding beginning created by guitars this song have. If you thought guitar works of the previous songs had were exceptional, Edinburgh would be the master work of all the rest. This is probably the best written song of all the 7 tracks. There is a very indie rock feel to the piece as well. John (guitarist) takes on the mike singing about how he wished he could return to Edinburgh (I assume) and the song was, as usual, built up slowly with clean strumming/plucking to a distorted play of guitar effects. Absolutely brilliant.


This time round, they started the song off with a very nice bass line (which was a tad bit too soft) accompanied by some distorted guitar riffs, both ushering in a short guitar solo. Transience however, started to sound a little draggy after the 2nd round of chorus and parts of the song sounded over repeated. Having guitar solos and keyboards added into the interlude did not improve the situation much. The drums could probably help by having better variations to better define the changing signatures during the different parts of the song.


On first listen, this song kind of reminded me of Edinburgh; maybe it’s the drums. Or maybe because this piece had an indie rock feel as well. Keyboards were used to replace the absence of a 2nd guitarist during the chorus and although the guitar arrangements were good, the song started to sound draggy again as the verses and choruses were repeated once too many times before an interlude came in.

Rating: 6½ (Overall production and sound)
Copyright 2006 Pure Rock