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Various Artists - M.O.S.H Compilation

Album Review written by Anonymous

A canceled launch, not the very best of impressions for a local compilation that doesn't have bands with buying power on it, nor does it neatly fit all its bands into a certain genre. Don't be too fast in writing all the bands off though. A lot of them have a certain heartland vibe and that's most important if there's ever going to be a unique local scene here. Here's a rundown.

(Note: A song is often not a best way to judge a band but these are just based on my opinions from this compilation itself. In no way am I out to slam any band.)

1. Cesspit - Wake Up: Bouncy surf tinged ska that ends off with a finale of roaring guitars. Excellent production and very tight rhythm section makes them the premier band here.

2. Crooked Tooth - Life Goes On: Traffic noise and opening bass riff hints at the classic "emo" storyline of the song, that well, life goes on probably after some sought of traffic accident. Anthemic pop punk with darker undertones, and clever variations in tempo.

3. E.P.I.C. - Let It All Out: Funk-rock like RHCP. Even if you're not a fan of the genre, groovy good old rock and roll.

4. Force Majeur - Paradise Pretty: First thing that struck me was the "axl rose" vocals. Doesn't stick on me for some reason probably because they mix too many influences. What starts as a slow rock ballad has other musical elements thrown in and ends up sounding like a bad clash of Guns and Roses meets The Police meets Matchbox 20.

5. None So Far - Dangerously Close: Driving, chugging pop punk with very singalong chorus and PG lyrics, something about somebody's pants being on the ground. Strong vocals but overall tracks could have used a better mix.

6. Oi'cholics - We Are Anarchists: Singer trying to emulate Rancid's drunk style of sing/mumbling but hardly has the charisma to do so. The three punk chords played over and over will put anyone to sleep and the only entertainment value is waiting for the "oi oi oi!" parts.

7. Paper Airplane - Ahead Of Me: What starts off as a sparkling "emo-esque" clean guitar opening passage leads into disappointing badly tracked distorted guitar that sound like one giant fuzz. The vocals can barely be heard.

8. Popwhizzee - Later That Day: Again the ska-punk bands rule the day. Great musicianship from all members as anyone who has seen them live can attest. Catchy upbeat positive pop skapunk with a cool harmonica.

9. Potential Problem - Hey There: Pop punk with the usual ramblings about getting the girl.

10. Springtide - Too Late: I hate to say this but a song cannot function if all instruments are not in the same tune. Bad start makes for bad song.

11. Thorns of Rusevelt - Tropical Silence: Word is, the sound engineer lost some of the tracks and they could barely scrape together the song for compilation thus the bad quality, and song and all. Ah well.

12. Turn The Tap - Black Alley: The sole modern hard rock band. Great atmospheric build-up and musical interplay especially by DJ and guitarist, topped off by easily the smoothest vocals on the CD. Distorted guitar tone too heavy on the bass end though.

13. Vertical Rush - Unattainable Girl: Their recently released full length was really a piece of art but I can't say this is their best song of it. Excellent modern rock that defies classification.

14. Wishing for Armadale - As A Friend: Definitely energetic and in the vein of older (cooler) Ataris. Lookout for na-na-na singalong ending. Recording quality really not there but totally made up by energy from vocals sung with style.

15. XS - Red Sky: Insane drums and guitars. They have got to be the metal gods. Enough said.

16. Yunos - Chasin' Pizza: Solo artist who played all instruments on the song. Friendly pop rock fare. Nice vibe and very listenable.
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