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Brand New Sunset - Realistic

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Album Review

Brand New Sunset - Realistic Brand New Sunset - Realistic

Album Review written by PuSSyCaT

I must admit, I was expecting the Vocalists to be singing in Thai – or at least with heavy Thai accents. But Brand New Sunset who hail from Bangkok, Thailand can be easily mistaken for any of our own local bands.

Their new album, “Realistic”, which is out in stores in Singapore as well as Malaysia, begins with an instrumental 1st track, “Prologue”. Following it is “Don’t Give Up”, one of my personal favourite tracks, which reminds me of the Japanese metal band, Loudness.

Another favourite of mine is track 3, “Crawling” – which does not sound anything like the Linkin Park song with the same name, mind you. It starts off with a clean guitar intro and kicks off into a Van Halen inspired riff at one point.

With a catchy title of, “The Process of Self Destruction”, this upbeat track is one of the more “metal” sounding tracks with angst-ridden screaming and proves to be rather frenetic at times.

Call me ignorant, but just who is “Jeremy Hartly”, may I ask? This track for some reason makes me think of Canadian emo-punk band, “Crowned King”, minus the saxophone.

How Long” starts off with the promise of an upbeat tune. The vocalists harmonize well with one another and you can’t help but find yourself tapping your feet in time to the music. The guitar solo is short and simple but cool.

What is the “Art Of Keeping a Secret”? Brand New Sunset can appeal to people of all scenes, ranging from rock to punk and emo. Although their personal influences include a number of Metal bands such as Metallica, Slayer, Skid Row, Judas Priest, Pantera, etc, their songs – albeit catchy – seem to lean more towards pop-rock.

Track 8, “Realistic” is another song which begins with a clean guitar intro. The metal influence is slightly present in the guitar solo as well as the in the ending.

A brief instrumental introduces us to “Can’t Let It Rest” and then there is more screaming in this track, explaining why when one is listening to this song, one can’t really get much rest! Great ending with some chanting in unison and a whole Manowar feel.

I am proud of BNS making it this far and touring Singapore and Malaysia – but then again, I may be biased because as some of you may or may not know, yours truly is also originally from the country formally known as Siam *wink*…

Catch BRAND NEW SUNSET at their REALISTIC album launch at The Arts House on 15th September at 7pm. Supporting bands include: A Vacant Affair, Paris In The Making and Sky In Euphoria. Tickets are priced at $8 each. You can also get BNS’ latest album for the special price of $10 (usual price $17).
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