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Ecrus Garden - Oceans [Single]

Album Review written by olibia

A 4 tracked single, Oceans features the sounds of a melodramatic charm. The title track is a product of effects on guitar, strummed and picked, put together for a slight impression of the sea and allowing the bass guitar and drums to take full place of rhythm. However, the overall feel of Oceans did better justice to the musicianship of Ecrus Garden in the first 3 minutes than after as it started to turn a little draggy with the chorus. Besides the full version of Oceans and an edited one (which was shortened, not by much but good enough!), a live version of Drown in Me and Stellar were included in the single as well. I suppose what puts Ecrus Garden and the rest of the alternative rock bands apart would be the distinct drone and crooning by the vocalist in their songs on the single. A word apt enough to describe what’s in Oceans would be idyll. Idealistically romantic.
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