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Boredpuck - Banned In Da Singapura Boredpuck - Banned In Da Singapura

Album Review written by juzbum

Man this is the first cd I listen to write a review and the first thing came to my mind was what the fuck is this cd about. Man cheesy, corny lyrics and common punk riffs. But have to give them credit, it is one hilarious cd. When your down and blue listen to them. All the antics and (some hilarious lyrics) will get you up and starting again. Don’t get me wrong not all the song in this cd are bad. Some are worth listening to. If you are into punk with hilarious and cheesy lyrics, this cd is for you.Anyway here are the tracks listing:

1 Boredpuckin'
2 Ballad Of Tabitha
3 Kita Nak Seks
4 Your Friends
5 Baby When You're Gone
6 Phuck You Pt.1
7 Phuck You Pt.2
8 Grunge Car
10 Rock With Ya
11 Battle Over Endor
12 St.Pats Classroom
13 Phuck Da School
14 Ai Sio Kan Mai? (Live)
15 Beautiful Day (Bonus Track)
16 1-2-1 (Bonus Track)
17 Zoe Tay (Bonus Track)

P.S. Track 9 don't have a title.
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