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Terminal Cry - The Masquerade [Demo]

Album Review written by yun

Local progressive metal outfit Terminal Cry’s demo EP “The Masquerade” takes listeners on an emotional rollercoaster ride, one that’s sprinkled with three very important ‘A’ ingredients -- ingredients for making good rocking music that is --: angst, aggressiveness and attitude.

Here’s my lowdown on the album, track by track;

1) Masquerade…The Anthem: Lovely instrumental opening that works well as a dramatic opening of sorts, a slow number to build up anticipation for heavier stuff later. Featuring only keyboards, the mood is an ambient mix of part melancholy, part pensiveness, with a tinge of lingering sadness.

2) Masquerade…The Players Await: If you’re feeling down, here’s just the song to lift your spirits. Don’t get me wrong, we’re nowhere near Celine Dion-ish power lung ballads (or anything that resembles the inspirational ‘power of the dream’…haha…); a matter of fact, with relentless drumbeats and chugging guitar riffs, Terminal Cry sure plays it hard! What’s ‘feel-good’ are the lyrics – “It’s time to rise/it’s my turn to shine/I’ll show everyone/What I’m made to be” – an encouraging mantra for all, carried well by the band’s solid female vocals.

3) Bonfire: An instrumental track that starts off with sounds of thunderstorms, then in creeps a well-executed, mean guitar solo. Towards the middle, the pace shifts gears and starts to quicken, faster and faster, finally building to an explosive finish. Drug-inducing.

4) Crestfallen: Like Track 2, this is a great original number that Terminal Cry delivers spot on, whether it’s songwriting or musicianship. Infused with lots of raw energy, the keyboards come into play with much effectiveness too, displaying the overall tightness of the band.

5) Lay All Your Love On Me ’04: Without a doubt, my favourite track in the EP! This is exactly how a cover song should sound like; keep the original melody and words, but give it a brand new twist, with a distinctive sound of one’s own. Terminal Cry taking on Swedish pop legends ABBA? Hard to believe? Nah. The band totally made the song their own; you’ll have to listen to it to know what I mean. Let me just add that if you hadn’t heard the original version before, you would never have thought this was an ABBA number.
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