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Various Artists - Live At The Green Room Various Artists - Live At The Green Room

Album Review written by yun

5 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Live at the Green Room:

1) Recorded live on the 15th of December, 1998, here’s a CD where you’ll get to hear Electrico way before they hit the big time, back in the good ole’ days when they weren’t known as Electrico, but Electric Company. Listening to the band belt out “It Don’t Seem Right”, it’s not hard to see why they’re so widely received now. Their potential for stardom was already clearly brimming through this infectious pop number!

2) Sherene’s Closet! Definitely one of the best local rock acts during the late 1990s. Great melodies with memorable hooks and delightful, kooky lyrics that all of us can relate to easily; for e.g. on the song “Stereoloud” – “I don’t care what my neighbours say/When I play my stereo loud/I don’t care what my neighbours say/When I plug in my guitar”. Hope these guys can continue surprising us with more goodies from their magic closet!

3) Still Sherene’s Closet! A must listen is their slow, moving ballad “Over”. I haven’t been touched by a local composition in a long time, so upon hearing this, I was really pleasantly surprised. With its no-holds barred, naked lyrics - “So punch me right in the face/So kick me out to outer space/Whatever makes you happy”, accompanied by the stripped down acoustic accompaniment of the band, it’s a song that will strike a chord in your heart while it plays on your stereo, as you lie under the sheets, waiting for daybreak. A song for those who have fallen out of love, who have had their hearts broken, and those in search of true love.

4) Though not as vocally polished as Sherene’s Closet, fellow band on the album, Steel City Skies, gave an equally commendable performance on their song “True”. A laidback, ditty pop-rock tune that adds a whimsical touch to this otherwise rather edgy compilation.

5) Support BigO! The now defunct hard copy magazine (but thankfully still surviving on the World Wide Web) was without a doubt, Singapore’s pioneer publication focusing on local music. It provided in-depth reviews and commentaries, insightful, provoking articles, and on many occasions, a rather daring stance that proved to be a stark contrast to the multitude of mainstream newspapers whose existence were merely to echo whatever the government proposes. Distributed by BigO, Live at the Green Room counts as part of the colourful legacy the magazine left behind for its readers.
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