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Raspatul - Menghitung Ajal [Promo] Raspatul - Menghitung Ajal [Promo]

Album Review written by The SwingThing

1) Intense Intro /w Breaking
2) Scraped Torn Flesh
3) Menghitung Ajal
4) A.O.D (Annihilation of Divinity)
5) Unholy

So I log onto MSN one day and then ‘scuzzybum’ says “Dood, ready for your 2nd err… review”. “Sure.” Next thing I know I’m receiving the mp3’s of a band called Raspatul. “What kinda name is that?” is my first reaction. After waiting awhile I load the mp3’s into my winamp and here’s what happened. (in track by track fashion)


Again the first reaction is, “What the hell kinda of name is that”. Then I hit play and something in the classic death metal fashion comes in and in the wink of eye it’s over. Then something else starts, a really trashy something with a nice death metal grinding break. Then more thrash riffs, think early Metallica followed by the death metal part, a half time part and finally back to the trash stuff.

Nice vocals here, they change from a high growl to a lower one on a regular basis. Although diction is a problem but it’s every growling metal bands problem. Guitars here are accurate and tight. It effectively nails the 80’s metal thing. The lead guitars are good too. They are flashy but laced with evil sounding melodies. Only problem I see here is that the lead guitar sound is too thin sounding for me. On the whole this song is quite ok, I like the way it speeds up and slows down in the name of variation. Also I applaud the vocalist for his growling abilities; it makes the record less boring.


A flanged intro greets you on this one before the same thrash riffing affair starts. However this riff has melody (thank god!). The song goes on with variations and counter points of the first melodic riff with a nice beat al la Metallica’s Battery. Then, about 2mins 45secs into the song, it breaks into a descending riff that cascades into the next part of the song effectively saving the songs from the far reaches of boredom. The next riff that comes is another melodic one and then an unexpected change to a slower part with the vocals using some vocal effects which I think is a nice touch. Following this the band does a descending tempo thing into a slow stoner part. (Sounds Dream Theater influenced). Then, the lead guitarist shows off his chops! This time he goes for melody rather than speed and belts out something with a mixolydian flavor. After there whole band stops for a beat and then the opening riff comes back and leads to the end.

This song is better than the first even though the vocals are not as varied. This is obviously due to the increased melody and the more pronounced tempo changes or ‘mood swings’ in the song.


This song starts with slow stoning heavy riffs. It then goes into yet another stoner riff and then slow tremolo picking grind. As with the first two tracks it alternates between the two riffs until midway in the song. At which point it switches to an arpeggio inspired riff which quite reminiscent of progressive bands like Symphony X. The song then pretty much repeats the riff until it really sinks in. After that it goes back to stoning riff that stones you out till the end.

Overall the guitars and drums sound more spaced out giving this a song a really stoner feel. I mean, listening to this makes me think of a guy sitting on the chair facing the wall headbanding at mid tempo with his Monster Magnet t-shirt. Maybe this song is a good substitute for drugs because it won’t kill you but feels just as toxic.


Hit track 4 play and the first thing you get is the thrash riffing. “Headbanging time” is all I have to say, because it’s got the fast adrenaline filled rhythm and the aggressive riffing coupled with growling vocals. The mood shifts in the middle of the song to something slow, clean and gothic. It just sounds menacing and evil with a tinge of sadness given by the emotional guitar solo that is at the end of the slow part. Then suddenly the next part of the song brings you on a rollercoaster ride with the exceptional well executed guitar solo adding that extra bit energy. After that the song goes back to it’s chorus and it ends, all too soon.

All in all this song is great, guitars, drums, vocals fit well here. The guitar solo was really well played here with the tone and clarity being nailed. I only wish that all the instruments would sound more ‘in your face and upfront’ to provide the song with more of the energy which it already exudes.


With this, song we’re back in slow heavy, menacing stoner metal land again. It sounds that way from the start. But then the songs just hits you with the fast racing thrash metal part and just when you thought your neck could get a rest, it’s time to headbang again. This time the song’s all about headbanging. None of that evil sounding stuff, its just in your face melodic headbanging riffing with tight bass and drums and non-stop growling vocals. Really energetic stuff which really gets you jumping around like a madman. Midway in the song there’s a slow break in which the song goes to half time to create that stoned out feel, a little bit predictable since they already did that in their last song. Also very predictable is the emotional guitar solo that comes in the slow part, it sounds ok but not as well done as the last track. Then after all that, comes the outro which brings you into another headbanging frenzy!!! After which the songs draws to a close. When all is said and done the song sounds really great and energetic and angst-filled, just like A.O.D.

In Summary, this demo is really quite good with one or two songs that really manage to get you on a rampage and others intoxicating you. Of course my only complaint is that at certain the guitars and bass sounded too laid back and that there is a fair bit of repetition, because some of the songs sound the same but I guess that doesn’t really when your headbanging to ecstasy. So, if you just want an all out thrash metal delight with a few hints of stoner rock here and there Raspatul is for you!
Copyright 2006 Pure Rock