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Greensleeves Greensleeves [Genre: Hard Rock]

Hisham NTol - Vocal
Hasan Sunny - Guitar
Malik Badang - Bass
Yusof - Drums

Email: greensleeves08@yahoo.com
Official Site: None

Greensleeves was formed in early 1993 during which the band members were already involved in other bands. They start jamming together cuz they were hungry for more rock music that they can’t satisfy from their other bands. Those days, dressed up like a typical ‘mat rock’ band which you seen at playing ‘bawah kemah’ or entering band competitions but went the music starts the idea of ‘this is not your ordinary band’ arouse. Since then the band got a reputation of a ‘killer and mad’ band that creates liveliness to the stages or pubs. Since then the members split their other bands and concentrate on this new breed that they call Greensleeves.

The band is heavily influenced by the 70's rock music era ranging from Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath to AC/DC and Whitesnake. They play nothing but hard rock music with a little touch of their own soul to spice up the music.

Greensleeves have stunned audients and shocked many bands with their lively and loud performance that is uniquely performances at their very best and exposing each individual musician’s talents. A typical Greensleeves show will consist of extended version of songs with drum, keyboards, guitar and bass solos.

In mid of 95, they met in a tragic, the main guitarist left the band with no logical reasons, After that, the band jammed with about 30 guitarists to fulfill the lost guitarist. Not to say that the band is fussy but those guitarists just cannot keep up with the intensity and high expectation of the band performance.

After more than 10 years they are back in theit original line –up! Greensleeves lineup are Malik ‘Badang’ BASS, Yusof DRUMS (also dethmute drummer), Norisham ‘NTol’ VOCALS and Hasan ‘Sunny’ LEAD GUITAR.

Their recent concert was in front of 2000 crowd which is the Concert Rock Gerek at Fort Canning Park on 6 Aug 05. The concert also featured rock legend like Wings, XPDC and Amuk, Yantzen, Metalasia and other famous local bands. They are now in the process on releasing their very long waited debut coming out soon, so beware! The giant is awaking!!
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