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Band Profile

Deus Ex Machina [Genre: Death Metal]

Ryan - Guitars
Rory - Guitars
Mak - Bass
Gene - Drums

Song: A Heretic Prayer

Email: band.dem@gmail.com
Official Site: http://www.myspace.com/demsg

Deus Ex Machina (DEM) was formed in early 2004 after Azra-el took a break. Ryan, the ex-lead player for Azra-el and Bhelliom started writing and rehearsing music with Lincoln(drums) and Justin (Fen-rir) on second guitar. Due to Lincoln studying overseas, Ryan roped in Gene ( TBK, Bhelliom) for drums and Mak(ex-Angel of Sin) on bass to complte the band.

As a 3-piece the band decieded to carry on writing and rehearsing for the album.They played their first gig, the yearly Sanitarium Festival in August 2005 to a good response. Unable to have enlisted a permanent vocalist, Vivek( Azra-el , S.O.A.C) was asked to session for the gig. By the time recording came around, the band was still unable to get a permanent vocalist. Kathi(Rudra), Subash( Kaliyuga, TBK), Vivek, Lord Insanity(MeltgSnow)and Marie Emily(M.E ) came on board for this project to lend their vocals, with Ryan putting vocals on one track. The debut album of 7 songs is entitled The War Inside, with the band writing all the original material, and being distributed by MindsEye Records.

The band is influenced by several genres and various bands such as Martyr, Death, Carcass, Meshuggah and Iron Maiden amongst others.
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