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Band Profile

4-Thirty [Genre: Post-Hardcore / Rock]

Fattah - Vocals
Mus - Guitars
Fadh - Guitars
Mursh - Bass
Suk - Drums

Email: 4thirty@gmail.com
Official Site: http://4thirty.cjb.net/

Regardless of what the band may fall into, may it be emocore, post-hardcore or screamo, the one thing that stands out is sincerity. Music is nothing without honesty, pure passion irregardless of what genre you favour. This 5-piece outfit tries to deliver each time they are given the chance with songs that surely would relate to the masses someway or another. Fuelled by raw intensity, the band churns out tunes from perceptions of love, heartbreak, deceit and past experiences. Coming from different backgrounds & influences each individual adds a unique touch to the overall outcome may it be heart-wrenching screams, punishing riffs or soaring vocals. With a few changes in the line-up, 4-Thirty is set to take on the future with high ambitions and the attempt to reach out to the masses.
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