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Band Profile

Nafrat Nafrat [Genre: Death Metal]

Nazak - Vocals
Sahail - Guitars
Naar - Guitars
Jahannam - Drums

Email: nafrat_chaos@hotmail.com
Official Site: http://www.nafrat-chaos.tk/

Nafrat was officially inaugurated on 25th July 2003, consisting of Nazak (Vox), Sahail (Guitars), Naar (Guitars), Zadgaroth (Bass) and Jahannam (Drums). Ahmazeth and Azrael (Bass) also played with us for two consecutive live shows. Due to some unfortunate and unforseenevents,they are no longer with us.

The band went on to record their first demo called "Chaos Unleashed" in early 2005. It received positive reactions across the South East Asian underground scene.

But it did not stopped there. The sequel to the band's second demo came in November 2005 when they released the demo "Invoking The Masses". The limited copies were sold out at their promo launch gig: Chaos Aftermath. The new copies of the demo was re-pressed again but will only be for distribution purposes only.

Late June 2005, we called upon Saraph, as our new bassist to complete the line-up. After a few months with the band, Saraph left the band without a note in the beginning but the issue was resolved a few weeks later after that.

Nafrat now remains as of how it started in 2003. Comprising of their original lineup - Nazak, Sahail, Naar and Jahannam. Currently in the process of writing more new songs, Nafrat hopes to record their debut full-length album in mid 2007.
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