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Band Profile

Indecisive Minds Indecisive Minds [Genre: Emo / Post Hardcore]

Fariq - Vocals
Kenny - Guitars
Sydeq - Guitars
Nas - Bass
Zul - Drums

Song: Diary Of A Murderer

Email: None
Official Site: http://www.myspace.com/indecisiveminds

Band originated from a band formed during high school. Stupid kids playing punkrock. We reunited during late 2004. We started playing emo. The vox Fariq used to be the bassist and Sharul and SydecQ the guitars. No drummer.

During the 3 months, still searching for a drummer, we made originals and trials with different drummers just to get a perfect one who can easily cope with our commitment and can play with us with loads of chemistry. During this time, we tried finding a bassist cos Fariq couldnt cope with doing both. Then, we found Nas, SydecQ's classmate.

We progressively changed our type of music we play from emo to emocore and then something more harder.... Now we are playing post hardcore and more to hardcore but still not forgetting the touch of emo in the lyrics.

Anyhoo, out of the blues we found this drummer, Zul. Well, as time pass by, Sharul quit the band due to other commitments and we found a new guitarist, Kenny. That's when it all started.

Why Indecisive Minds? We can't make up our mind ever to do what and when... So our journey starts here... Hope you guys like the music we do cos' it's done with passion and all sweat and heartbeats into it.. Our journey is still on its course with up n downs. Wanting to be scientist we try experimenting with diffrernt type of riffs in our music. Originals have some political aspect about issues in the world. So......... EVeryone is a murderer.... Whether u notice it or not...
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