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Video Killed The Radio Video Killed The Radio [Genre: Punk / Rock / Alternative]

Fazlie - Vocals
Juman - 2nd Vocals/Screamo
Didi - 1st Guitar
Aliff - 2nd Guitar
Idham - Bass
Ganesh - Drumm

Song: January 14

Email: videokilled_theradio@hotmail.com
Official Site: http://www.myspace.com/videokillederadio

Form in early 2005, 6 crappy schoolmates joined forces to form up a simple melodic emo band in Singapore. With a great passion in music, they never give up their hopes and dreams to be part of the local underground music scenes industries. Each of them had a different taste of genres. From emo to punkrock,they tried to fit in soaring screams,exploring the world of music. But they knew they would never forget the roots of punkrock music. Producing their own taste of music, with a touch of hard emo-punk, they worked together to come out with a very simple emo songs based on their past love experiences and emotions.

Now, they're currently working on with their first demo titled Cork up is better than Anyhow. It will be up soon late this year. Be sure to catch the demos!
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