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Suicidal Suicidal [Genre: Black Metal]

IjaL - Vocals
Awi - Guitars
EZ - Bass
Alif - Drums

Song: Guardians Of Hell And Death

Email: rizal.suicidal@gmail.com
Official Site: http://suicidal666.cjb.net/

Deeply rooted in black metal with influences like Emperor and Abigor, SUICIDAL was diabolically brought into existence in early 2003 by three demonic-hordes namely Awi, Ijal and EZ, who were from the same band previously.

The trio soon found Alif, who was recruited shortly to fill the vacant drum stool. The band rehearsed like maniacs and shortly after, they recorded and circulated the "Secrets From Beyond" Demo VCD to announce their blasphemic existence. This demo showed a definite reflection of the band's dark direction, and of things to come.

After a couple of successful shows, they recorded and released three tracks of pure rawness for the "Secrets From Beyond" promo in mid 2004. 200 copies of the promo was given free upon the masses in a gig organized by Ijal.

A new blood was added in late 2004 with Acap handling keyboards. Shortly after, the five demonic-hordes soon released a six-track Demo entitled 'Unholy Mayhem' which incorporates traditional black metal and melodic riffings.

The band then concentrated on writing with more intensity, emotion and hatred. Their debut self-released full length opus "Vengeance" was released in mid 2005. This time they have added an extra dimension with a more ferocious death/black metal chords with aggressive drummings.

Acap was then asked to leave the band due to some circumstances. He will always be regarded as a close comrade and brother to the band.
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