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Raspatul Raspatul [Genre: Death/Thrash Metal]

Email: raspatul@hotmail.com
Official Site: http://www.raspatul.tk/

RASPATUL is a Death Thrash band from Singapore. Formed in 1996 and with the debut MCD released in 2003 entitled 'Menghitung Ajal' which means 'Counting Death' in English, RASPATUL has managed to get some worldwide underground recognition with positive reviews from various zines all over the globe. The band has appeared in Metal Maniacs under the 'Shorts' section and a positive review from UK's Terrorizer Magazine as well. The name of RASPATUL has been further exposed with the help of getting featured in a few underground Metal compilations, etc...

Year 2004, RASPATUL's brand new release entitled 'The Perfect Realm Of Jharkyannarkh Promo CD 2004 and this promo CD features a brand new track entitled The Perfect Realm Of Jharkyannarkh, it will also include an unreleased track which was recorded in 2001. On top of that, we have also decided to put in 4 RASPATUL live tracks as a bonus. RASPATUL is very honoured to have Tomas Andersson (denata@telia.com) from the now defunct Swedish Thrash Metal band Denata (www.denata.com) to design the CD layout and cover for RASPATUL! This promo CD has already received really great comments as well as getting internet radio airplay and compilations, etc.

Year 2005, RASPATUL's singer Ayim was killed in a brutal motorcycle accident on 13th July 2005. The band is devastated and it has been a slow and confusing road for RASPATUL. The band still continued getting good reviews everywhere including great reviews in Metal Maniacs, Voices From The Darkside, Live4Metal, Brutalism Zine, The Metal Observer, Vampire Magazine, etc.

Year 2006, RASPATUL is proud to be signed to Obskure Sombre Records (Canada) for a worldwide release. The album, entitled 'Devils In Renewed Birth', is a collection of our old material all the way till 2004. Once again, Tomas Andersson from the now defunct Thrash Metal band Denata (Sweden) will manage the task of designing the artwork and layout. James Murphy (Disincarnate, Death, Obituary, Testament) will be handling the mastering duties for this release. Release date is yet to be scheduled, more details coming soon.
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