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A Vacant Affair A Vacant Affair [Genre: Emo / Rock / Post-Hardcore]

Matt – Vocals
Josh – Guitars & Vocals
Rudi – Guitars
Aaron – Guitars
Shen – Bass
Hafyz – Drums & Vocals

Email: avacantaffair@gmail.com
Official Site: http://www.avacantaffair.com/

Everyone has scars to show.

A Vacant Affair (AVA) was formed in the aftermath of Cheap Thrills, at a crucial point in the latter's existence. Then in the July of 2004, the founding members of the group, Matt and Shen, decided to evolve the band beyond its laid back jamming days and bring its ambition to greater heights. Sacrifice and much uncertainty encompassed this grueling ambition. Beginnings are moments of loss.

Down the rabbit hole, through the coincidence of incidents, Rudi and Josh were roped into the ranks to fill the guitar bill with Hafiz welcomed into the fold as the drummer. You can say we picked Rudi from the classifieds, Josh from a sales promoter and Hafyz at the front door. In a bid to bring the intensity of our material further up a notch, AVA then enlisted the talents of a dear friend and fan, Aaron.

Paint with only white. Paint with only black. And that is only what you get. The art is in the intricate harmony of diversity. With a fresh sound, evolved from genres such as alternative, emo, hardcore, metal and its variations, AVA dived headfirst into the Singapore underground scene. Since then, the guerilla group has been causing much impact, scribing on the history of Singapore’s music scene.

Along the way, the band recorded their first song 'How About Enough', which garnered a loyal following over live shows and online mediums. Where the hearts collide and ignite, many bonds of a humble cohesion are forged.

"The time has come to recover what we've lost" declares singer/lyricist Matt in rousing fashion in the epic 7 minute opus The Departure from their debut self-titled EP, over soaring angular guitar lines strewn like bullets across a battlefield, further articulated with intense drum and bass lockdowns.

This is the journey we choose to take. These are the scars that have only made us stronger.

This is A Vacant Affair.
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