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Brand New Sunset 20th Sep '06
Mike from Toto 24th Apr '06
Dathamonga 22nd Nov '05
E.S from Mistaken Identity 15th Nov '05
Slipknot Press Conference 16th Aug '05
Azle from Eyesore 18th Oct '04
Jackalhyde 2nd Sep '04
Vivek from Azra-el 23rd Aug '04
Shawn from Hamartia 21st Aug '04
Azlan from Hazargaddah 29th Jul '04
Clinton Carnergie 2nd May '04
Blast The Sound: Red Alert 21st Mar '04
Paul Danial 25th Dec '03
Bigred.Moment 2nd Nov '03
Rik 24th Oct '03
Raspatul 5th Aug '03
Predatory 12th Jun '03

Metal Vs Punk 15th Aug '04
Something For You To Think About 1st Aug '04
OI! Are You A Skinhead? 10th Jul '04
Punk's Not Dead... My Ass! 13th Jun '04
So You Want To Be In A Rock Band? (Part 3) 6th Mar '04
So You Want To Be In A Rock Band? (Part 2) 3rd Jan '04
So You Want To Be In A Rock Band? (Part 1) 25th Dec '03
GRIPE! 18th Jun '03

Student Terrorises School With Local Music 20th Oct '05
Local Gig Organiser Plans To Organise Gig On The Moon 7th Dec '04
The Chronicles Of The Avant Garde Metallers 12th Aug '04
Girl Speaks Her Mind About The State Of Local Music Scene 23rd Jul '04
Pious Mum Wants To Sue Founder Of Metal 4th Jul '04
Local Metal Band To Play For NDP 2004 14th Jun '04
The Tiger And His Death Metal 29th May '04
Local Hawker Talks About His Lontong Stall 8th May '04
Local Teenager Keen To Start Band Despite Mum's Objection 2nd May '04
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