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Interviewed by Am3thyst


Recently, we requested an interview with Rik, ex-drummer of local shock rock band, $uicide $olution, and he kindly accepted and here it is:

PR: Some of us might not know this, but we at Pure Rock heard that you recently quitted $uicide $olution, is this true?

Rik: Yes it is.

PR: Why?

Rik: Well, I have been thinking about quitting the band for quite some time now because of time constraints. My exams are nearing, but the deciding factor was when I had a conflict with someone inside. I believe that in order to be a great band, everyone inside has to be great friends, I just couldn't click well with them. It was just me I guess.

PR: I see, what are your plans after $uicide $olution?

Rik: I'm gonna concentrate on my exams first. Then after that, I'm gonna continue things with my 2 other bands.

PR: Care to share with us about your other 2 bands?

Rik: I play drums in one band named Demolished. We play Metalcore and some Nu Metal. The other band which I play guitars, named GrayRayne, We play... umm... Industrial Darkwave. Well, I don't actually know how to classify our kind of music. But you gotta listen to it to know.

PR: Any recording plans?

Rik: We're recording, but we put it on hold because of my exams. And my keyboardist's exams too.

PR: I see, you guys recording a full length album?

Rik: Yeap, we've currently recorded 3 songs now.

PR: When can we expect to hear the album in stores?

Rik: I predict it should be out before the end of the first quarter of 2004.

PR: Well, we've come to the end of this interview. We from Pure Rock would like to wish you and your band all the best in your future, and good luck for your exams.

Rik: Thanks, glad to be interviewed.


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