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Interviewed by olibia & Kimberly

Dathamonga, a 5 man outfit taken by the reins of Progressive Power Metal is currently working hard on releasing a demo and Pure Rock has taken this opportunity to request for an interview with them. Guest interviewer Kimberly, an avid fan of Dathamonga, had also been part of this.

PR: What is the meaning of Dathamonga and where did you guys get the name from?

Dathamonga: As what we read from a Pagan's book, it means 'Pride, Soul and Power'. Very mystical feel to it. We got the name from a book called "Legacies of the Pagan's Mind".

PR: Who are the founders of Dathamonga?

Dathamonga: Dathamonga was originally founded by vocalist Nasiruddin Sham and lead guitarist Daniel Ryan in October 2004.

PR: How long has the band been together?

Dathamonga: The band has been together officially since June 2005.

PR: How many decades did Daniel Ryan (Mr. Wizard) take to learn his awesome guitar techniques and skills?

Dathamonga: He had been self-taught for around a year. Now, he has been having lessons with Yamaha teachers Mr. Patrick Teo/Spencer Goh for about 5 months already. So you've got the answer. 1 year and 5 months.

PR: What influenced Dathamonga to break through into the metal music scene?

Dathamonga: Few years ago, we were all-universal. Any music genre would have been fine except for pop shit. Until we started listening to Stratovarius, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Sonata and some other underground acts.

PR: What do you think about the Singapore Metal Scene?

Dathamonga: Well, we can't really say much about that. It is up to the people to make metal music/gigs alive. Do support ya.

PR: Are there any chances of Dathamonga signing on to a local record label in the future?

Dathamonga: We recently got an email from Angular Records (Indonesia) asking to sign us on, so we don't think so we will be signing on to a local label at any time soon.

PR: How do you guys manage to keep music influences from putting too much diversion into the core genre of Dathamonga?

Dathamonga: We got just got to believe in each other, understand each other's issues so that we don't quarrel and all. The band members just got to listen to each other man... that's we gotta say.

PR: Where was the turning point? Had Dathamonga planned on releasing albums and such right from the start?

Dathamonga: At the beginning when we formed Dathamonga, we were actually just thinking of covering bands. Dathamonga has already planned to release an album Mystic Moon by mids 2006 (EP).

PR: Are there any future plans to bring the band to greater heights?

Dathamonga: We can't predict the future. But we do have plans to bring the band to greater heights.

PR: Last question. What do you guys have to say to all the people in the music scene?

Dathamonga: You guys just keep on rocking, support local scene and don't let the pop kill the undergroundzero.
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