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Interviewed by Kaze

At about 8:15pm, I met up with the 4 members from Raspatul. The first impression they gave were very good which of course makes the interview very fun and so, read on.

PR: Give me a brief description on Raspatul and tell me more about the band?

Raspatul: Well, basically its a 4 piece band playing Thrash and Death metal with Ayim doing the vocals, Calvin playing the guitar, Hisham "Black" playing the bass and Fadzlly playing the drums. The band had been there since 1996 with a slight change in the lineup, as their ex-guitarist used to be Ermie whom left the band due to some family commitment and Calvin taking over the guitar since 2001.

PR: How long have u guys been playing the instrument?

Calvin: 7 years.
Hisham: 7 years.
Fadzlly: 7 years.

PR: Where does the name Raspatul came about?

Hisham: It's a name given to us from a friend who used to work at the studio.

PR: What is Rasptaul music influence?

Raspatul: Bands like Morbid Angel, Death, Darkthrone, Immortal, Nirvana, At The Gates, Dream Theatre, Megadeth, Rusty Blade, etc.

PR: We know you got a release "Menghitung Ajal". So, who was the one who wrote the lyrics for that album?

Ayim pointed to drummer Fadzlly and Fadzlly pointing back to Aiyim. So, the lyrics were actually written by Ayim but also with the comments of the other band members.

PR: The inspiration for the lyrics came from...

Raspatul: Basically the lyrics is based on Death, Hatred, Sex. The core which branch out to the rest.

PR: Why's that?

Ayim: Death is so fascinating, and I just want to experience it.

PR: What does Raspatul hope to acheive or bring out from this album?

Fadzlly: We just want our music to be known as for the message, it's all inside our songs!

PR: As everyone has their own personal commitment, how do you guys manage the time and commitment as a band?

Raspatul: We used to have more time during our school days whereby we could almost jam every week, but because of NS and stuff we jam only once a month during weekends.

PR: Where and how do u guys acquire new skills or stuff for your music? Any webby or ...?

Raspatul: Porn site!

PR: A classic question, how do you feel about the local metal scene?

Raspatul: It's good and bad. Good because there are more and more bands coming out to play and comparing to the past, there are more gigs now. The bad thing is that nowadays the unity that Metalheads use to have is no longer there. Also there are too many clans now.

PR: A second part to the previous question. What do you feel is the difference between the local and international Metal scene?

Raspatul: Internationally, they have more government support whereas the local scene donít receive much recognition. There is also more exposure and opportunity for the international scene rather than the local scene here. Gigs and concerts over there is better as they have bigger space for performances which in turn will have better sound system. And internationally, they have full time musicians unlike the local scene.

PR: What do u feel about local music becoming commercialise?

Raspatul: It's good.

PR: Do you feel it's better for metal music to remain underground to a group of true listeners or more commercialise/mainstream where anyone and more people can listen to?

Raspatul: Basically all of us feel it's better for it to remain underground. This band may become proud as a result of being commercialise.

PR: Anything new for us to look foward to? New release or gigs?

Raspatul: Look out for us on Oct 4. We will be playing in a gig.

PR: Where do Raspatul see themselves 5 years from now?

Raspatul: To get more known and to be able to tour and play overseas.

PR: Lastly any message you want to bring out to the metalheadz and crowd?

Ayim: Support the local scene more. Buy our CD! Widen your horizons and be more open minded to music. Hopefully metal gigs could be more like Baybeats in the future.

We have come to the end of the interview. Thanks to all members of Raspatul for their time. You can purchase their release, "Menghitung Ajal" (5 Powerful Tracks) at Roxy Records for $4.
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