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Slipknot Press Conference

Interviewed by PuSSyCaT



The meeting room was buzzing with excitement and some members of the media helped themselves to the free flow of Baron’s Strong Brew, the main sponsor of Slipknot’s Subliminal Verses (2005) Tour in Singapore. Each band member’s name place-cards were pre-set and we were pleased to discover that all 9 band members would be attending the press conference. Usually Sampler, Craig Jones (#5), preferred to sit out of interviews due to his strong stand on anonymity.

Pure Rock was allocated the front row, right in front of Turntablist, Sid Wilson (#0) and Drummer, Joey Jordison (#1).

Power 98 radio DJ, “Super Mario”, kicked things off with his opening speech about Slipknot’s climb to fame and then introduced Mr Melvin Lim, Baron’s Marketing Manager.

“Baron’s chosen to sponsor Slipknot because they embody strength and power in their showmanship” – Mr Melvin Lim (Baron’s Strong Brew, Marketing Manager).

Mario finally introduced the band and at the first glimpse of a jumpsuit from around the corner, photographers stampeded forward to frantically take shots of the Iowa-bred band, Slipknot.

An air of confidence surrounded the 9-man band as they took their respective seats, ready to face the media’s burning questions. A reporter boldly stepped forward to the microphone and started the ball rolling by asking the first round of questions, which were answered by Lead Vocalist, Corey Taylor (#8). However, her questions were somewhat asinine, such as:

Q1: How many black shirts do you own?

Q2: Who’s your favourite Muppet?

Q3: Do you have a favourite cosmetic accessory you always use?

This caused a perturbed and rather irritated Corey to retort, “Do you actually have any that are intelligent to ask?”.

The room fell silent and all eyes were on the frazzled and somewhat embarrassed reporter as she tried to give Corey a straight answer or at least a witty comeback.

After the uncomfortable comic relief, the real questions started to flow.

The band revealed that regardless of which state/country they perform, it’s almost the same everywhere and it’s not as though they would give lesser of what they have on stage. Slipknot also had to sign an agreement prior to their concert at Fort Canning Green, which stated that when onstage, the band was to refrain from using vulgarities, no nudity was allowed, no vomiting and no acts of masturbation (be it simulated or actual). Ex-DJ, and local personality, X’Ho, commented that alternative band, “Depeche Mode”, were actually spitting onstage while performing at Singapore’s Indoor Stadium – to which Corey exclaimed,

“Oh ok, so we’re allowed to do that… during songs!”.

When asked about a particular embarrassing error on the band’s official website (www.slipknot1.com), where Singapore was apparently listed as a city in China:

“That wasn’t our fault – as soon as we saw that, we asked for it to be changed. We’re super good with Geography!”Corey Taylor, Lead Vocals (#8)

Sid (#0)

Sid (#0)

After fidgeting for a while and consistently clicking his pen, Turntablist, Sid Wilson (#0), retreated to his own little world by doodling on the notepad in front of him.

Sampler, Craig Jones (#5), remained his usual silent self throughout the whole press conference and was referred to by fellow band-mates, as “the one with the most groupies, because he doesn’t say much”. Even when asked a question, the “pins & nails” sporting band member simply sat still and stared straight ahead without uttering a single word.

With reference to their take on religion and whether or not they are Satanists, Corey confessed that he was actually a Lutheran, which according to him, was “some sort of Christian”. But went on to say that they all weren’t religious and that religion is similar to politics, which is something they prefer not to dwell in to.

Chris (#3), James (#4) & Craig (#5)

Chris (#3), James (#4) & Craig (#5)

Emotions flared up when they were asked how they felt about Slipknot being lumped together under the music genre, “Nu Metal”.

Corey: But we’re not Nu Metal. We play our own music - and where are all the Nu Metal bands now? They’re not around any more, but we are. We’re Metal!

Towards the end of the evening, it was finally Pure Rock’s turn to take the stand.

PR: Hi, I’m Pussycat from Pure Rock, the local website for Metal & Rock music.

Corey: What was that name again?

PR: Pussycat.

Corey: (Delightfully) Mmmm…

(Chuckles from the band members)

PR: This is a question for all of you. You say your masks are “extensions of your personalities” and a way of getting people to focus on your music rather than yourselves as individuals. But are there days when you’re out and about, doing everyday things, like grocery shopping and you just feel like going up to someone and yelling, “Hey! I’m from Slipknot!!”?

Corey: Never did I feel that way at all. Half the time I don’t really have to feel like that because there are people bombarding me with stuff like that all the time, so it’s never really been about that. It was kind of cool at the beginning - getting recognized – but now it’s like, ok… a lifestyle of some sort. There are days where you’re ok with it, but there are days that you’d feel if one more person talks about it, you’d cry. Yes! I said cry! (Laughs)

PR: Back then, instead of the uniform jumpsuits, you wore different costumes such as Barney the Dinosaur, nuns and Little Bo Peep -

Corey: (Laughing and hiding his face) Oh man, I’m not getting into that one…

PR: Do you think you would ever revert to sporting such theatrical outfits again?

Corey: (Sheepishly) No, definitely not!

PR: A question for Joey (Jordison). I love Metallica. What was it like filling in for Lars Ulrich and being the drummer for such a great band, like Metallica?

Joey (#1)

Joey (#1)

Joey: I knew that question was coming. It was a dream-come-true, there’s not going to be another you know? I’m glad I got the chance to do it. The real high-light of the whole thing, I think it was… They had like, a trailer where they practiced, prior to actually going onstage. There were about 77,000 people out there, waiting for us. I also enjoyed practicing with them, you know, being with Kirk , James and Rob , rehearsing the songs - that was actually more of a high-light to me than the actual show.

The first song I played was, “For Whom The Bell Tolls”, and I just had like, a straight kick pattern to lead into the song before it actually started off while Rob was doing the bass solo – and once he was done with his bass solo, I went into 4-off, and it went into “For Whom The Bell Tolls”.

The audience was so loud it almost threw me off the drum solo, it was that crazy, it was an amazing experience. So what else can I tell you, but it was good! Thanks for your question.

PR: One last question for everybody. If I’m 555 and you’re 666, then who’s 777?

Corey: (With conviction) George W. Bush

Collective laughter was heard from everyone, including the band members. The final person to interview the band was Eaddy Mohamad (BlackAcidDevil), winner of the “I Am A Maggot”, Slipknot look-alike contest, organized by local music network website, S.O.F.T, which stands for “Sounds Of Friends Together” (www.soft.com.sg) and kindly supported by the band’s promoter in Singapore, LAMC Productions.

The host, Mario, introduced Eaddy as the winner of the contest and the band was presented with pictures of the impressive 1st place winner and 1st & 2nd runner-ups.

While staring at the picture of the 1st place winner, who was donned with face-paint not unlike that of Percussionist, Shawn Crahan’s (#6) old mask, Corey excitedly remarked,

“Wow! That looks like Clown ! Oh wait, there’s Clown… and there’s… wow… this is freaking me out… that’s great man”.

Eaddy: Will there be an album after “Subliminal Verses”?

Corey: You mean another album? Yes. This is like family, even though it’s ugly, we stay together!

After the frenzy of photographers took ample shots of the whole band at the end of their press conference, a lone Joey (Jordison) stayed behind and we were surprised to find out that Joey is not as tall as one would imagine and most of the people in the room towered over him as he agreeably signed autographs and posed for a few more pictures.

However, before leaving, the band was asked to “describe Slipknot in one word”. Corey then replied with a laugh,


Mick (#7) & Corey (#8)

Mick (#7) & Corey (#8)

Guitarist, Mick Thompson (#7), who had remained silent throughout the whole evening, much like most of his band-mates, retorted with a snarl:



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