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Local Gig Organiser Plans To Organise Gig On The Moon

Satire written by Siv

Following the recent trend of organising gigs, an independant gig organiser by the name of Freddy, wants to organise his own metal gig on the moon after running out of venues to organise his gig here in Singapore. He felt that the moon would be a radical idea as no other organiser has attempted to go that far before. When asked what kind of a gig he was planning to organise, he told us that for the sake of the local music scene, he was organising a "mixed genre" gig. When pressed about the details of that, he told us the genres were, thrash metal, melodic death, black metal and a band playing progressive metal. We did not really know what was so mixed about that but we decided not to ask further as we noticed he was starting to look very stressed.

Freddy also told us that the gig will be called Solar Experience and it will be held in a crater in the moon but when we asked him how he could accomodate people and how would they be transported there, he gave us a blank look. He also said he will be calling all the old timers of the scene to witness the gig which he calls, the greatest ever gig in the history of Singapore, provided there were also lots of new bands there eager to showcase their talents.

He also told us the gig is slated to be around March 2005 and when we asked him what equipments he was going to be using, he simply told us that he got it covered, and then went on to fiddle with the blackmetal spike thingy on his hand nervously. Just then a passerby, some bespectacled chinese guy ran up to him and shouted "HAVE YOU SIGNED THE PERMIT WITH THE POLICE AND GOT THE LICENSE YET???" right before he was dragged away by bodyguards, a scene so familiar during the general elections in Singapore a few years ago. And we echoed the same question to Freddy and he gave us another blank look and asked, "What license?".

The Solar Experience gig will definitely be one to look forward to, if all goes well and nothing gets cancelled and Freddy told us that if the gig was a success, he will organise a sequel, called The Solar Experience 2: Unleash The Shooting Stars which will be held on the Sun. We asked him how was that possible, he simply replied "Ahhh i got that figured out, we will play that gig at night".

* Disclaimer: All subjects mentioned in the above article is purely fictional and any resemblance to any person living or dead is pure coincidential.
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