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Azle from Eyesore

Interviewed by Midnight SoN

Eyesore, 1 of Singapore’s craziest yet humble band around. Midnight Son shot some questions to the drummer of this grinding machine band, Azle.

PR: Before we start, how about giving us a short introduction bout the band.

Azle: Eyesore was formed by Kat (Ex Enrage) and Azle (Ex Martyrdom / Ex Doxomedon) in mid 2002 and they used to know each other back in early 90s. They like crust grind genres and wanted to do something different although they were already involved in other bands, Doxomedon & D-Esser. After rehearsing with some guys, they finally started to get the band together. XXXul (Ex IMPIETY & Ex ITNOS), Tronn (Ex KSK), & Johanism (Ex Ossuary, Ex Martyrdom & Ex Doxomedon) joined Eyesore. Shortly thereafter, they started to record their first and only Rehearsal Promo/Demo CD at TNT Studio, Singapore in 15 Feb 2003. New additions to Eyesore lineup are Imano (Guitarist) and Sham (Bassist) of Raspatul.

PR: Why the name ‘eyesore’ and not ‘headache’ or ‘diarrhoea’?

Azle: Obviously you have not heard or know about the meaning of Eyesore. It's got nothing to do with medical terms. It simply means monstrosity or something big or frightening.

PR: Okay, we’ve heard that you guys are in the making of an album(?). If so, When is it coming out and what can we expect from it?

Azle: Well there aren’t any albums in the making. If there was, we would have a label problem. As you know, the labels in Singapore don’t have that kind of money to spend on a local band and it's kind of absurd for a band to come out their own album. Probably this is because we don't have that correct kind of support here to actually do a raw recording + mixing + mastering. We all know the costs are not low and that small budgets won't help at all when you want to produce a proper album. Most local bands in Singapore would be very happy with the final mix, with no mastering and that’s it. So if you say ALBUM, this is usually a label problem. Local labels here are actually distributors or simply sign for distribution.

Right now, Eyesore can only afford to do a small budget recording which, is due to financial constrain. We are bounded by time and money. So we have to do it right. The faster the better. We want to save cost and time as well as it is usually very tight when it comes to recording. Therefore to produce album is out of our hands, only until a label comes to the picture or when we can get a better deal. So as of this moment, we go for cheap recording.

Well the new materials for Eyesore will not be like the older stuff that you would have already heard. Basically it is like Hardcore Holocaust. We don't want to be label as a Crusty band anymore because our music have no intention to be classified as purely crust. We have stuff that can be classified as grindcore genre.

PR: What kind of stuff do you guys write in your music? Is it all bout sex and drugs?

Azle: Well our lyrics are very normal. No anti religion or satanic stuff. Just pure anger. Day to day life kind of stuff. You can say it's political but merely about “Sick of things that is happening around us”. You can say that it's about the basics of human ethics from music, sex, relationships and stuff like that. No satanic mambo jambo kind of stuff. We don't write fantasy stuff, evil or say we are true legends. Basically it's about reality.

PR: Do you ever get inspired with all this shit going on now with the war in the Middle East?

Azle: Well the Middle East propaganda are usually related to the States. As you know, as we speak, we are also using stuff that are American. So if you hate them, its like slapping your own face. So definitely the policies that we know or read are just merely propaganda. We are slave to our own system for example like Singapore. So if you were to believe what CNN, BBC or CNA are saying, then maybe you can be considered as stereotyping or merely lacking in knowledge or comprehension. We don't deal with this kind of stuff. What we hear usually are what people want us to believe and not from our own experiences. Religions are supposed to be peaceful. It’s the people or person that are not truthful which also can be related to us sometimes. We bluff our way out just to get what we want.

PR: What happened to XxXuL? Is he all right now?

Azle: XXXul at the moment is recuperating from his injury after getting a slipped disc. Back injuries will take time to heal.

PR: Bands, nowadays, has a habit of changing their line up very often, can we safely say that the current line up of Eyesore is finally stable?

Azle: At the moment it is. The main line up is still around. So we just stick with what we have and be happy. Like famous people, local talents tend to be big headed when they are upfront or very promising. Maybe they think that they got paid or something. Well as we know the underground thingy is about passion. Usually life goes on with the band and usually commitment levels runs low because usually bands don't have any direction or maybe some other unforeseeable circumstances that had force them to withdraw or call it quits.

PR: I saw you guys live a few times and it is always a heavy-duty assault. Great shit and loads of moshing. Now, how would you describe your show to someone who hasn’t seen you guys live yet?

Azle: Well its like when you got a stomachache. So it's that bad...

PR: Are there any pre-show rituals you or the band go through when you’re getting your stage gear on?

Azle: Not really. We are not a satanic band!!! Unless you called the ancient one to join the party. That would have been kewl. Well, actually you can go to the loo before the show starts. Unless the circus came with some animals like monkeys and elephants. That would have been tremendous show out. How about a magic show?

PR: What goes through your mind the second before you take the stage?

Azle: Kill ‘em all!!!

PR: What do you think about the current state of the Underground Scene?

Azle: Very healthy. Kids come and go so we can see lots of new faces coming. Lots of new bands and talents. Girls are joining the party. Hopefully more will come to support. I like to see them coming around and have fun. At least it’s worth their money and not us.

PR: Any new local bands that caught your attention?

Azle: Hmmm... I like the bands My Precious & FOD.

PR: Orite, juz for the record. What do u think of Linkin Park?

Azle: Wow!!! They are so good live!!! RESPECT!!!!! They maybe some product of wannabes but they can entertain. RESPECT!!! Sadly we are the product of our own wannabes genres too. Will you call other genres wannabes too. You have to start from somewhere 1st right? I think for some people who adore underground and pose or imitate them are wannabes too... so we have to be fair!!!

PR: I guess that’s all the questions we have, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. You guys rule and I wish you all the best. How about ending this interview with a line from one of Eyesore’s new song?

Azle: Keep on rocking in the freeworld!!!
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