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Shawn from Hamartia

Interviewed by Dazz Torrent

PR: Hey fellow Pure Rockers, today... we are going to interview the drummer of Erametin, Shawn. Hey Shawn, first of all... Why 'Erametin'?

Shawn: Hey Daryl (Dazz), thanks for the interview. First off, I would like to use this chance to tell everyone that Erametin is no more. Due to the departure of two of our members, we've decided to go under a new name. Hamartia. Hamartia means the character flaw or error of a tragic hero that leads to his downfall. We believe everyone has fallen one way or another, and we have too. We want to express our mistakes and experiences through our songs, to let those who have fallen know that they're not alone.

PR: How long have you been drumming? And how/where/when did you started?

Shawn: I've been drumming for nearly 3 years now. I intially started with guitar when I was in Secondary 2, and formed a band with my cousin, who plays the guitar too. We got no luck in finding a drummer so I thought I might as well take up drumming as I always like drumming. So, I sold my electric guitar (which my dad bought for me and is also the reason why I started with guitar in the first place) and bought a drumset with the pay I got, working as a supermarket staff.

PR: Who are your biggest influences?

Shawn: Like (almost) everyone, back then, it has got to be bands like Deftones, Slipknot, Chimaira, Coal Chamber, etc, that got me started on drumming. Bands like Atreyu, Bleeding Through, Unearth and Heaven Shall Burn are mainly my influences nowadays. And, I really like Abe Cunningham's (Deftones) odd-time and Andols Herrick's (Chimaira) techniques. They are still one my biggest influences till now.

PR: What are your interests besides music?

Shawn: I don't really have much interest for anything else except music. Music makes up the biggest part of my life.

PR: Have Erametin ever had a hard-time before? If so, how did you guys take it?

Shawn: It has really been an easy way for us since the beginning. Friends and everyone have been supportive, giving tips and pointers everywhere. (Thanks guys, we appreciate it.) The only hard-time for us is the constant change of our line-up and it's hard to find someone who has got the same standard as the previous one. And not only that, we always look for people whom we can communicate really well with, more like a friend than a 'member'.

PR: Who is your favourite member in Erametin?

Shawn: There are no particular member in the band that I like more among the rest. We always have blanket parties together and I love everyone of them.

PR: The inspiration for your lyrics came from?

Shawn: The lyrics for our songs are all written by our vocalist, Ian (our current bassist is also called Ian). He wrote the lyrics, with the inspiration mainly by taking excerpts from some of the members' lives, like the death of a loved one, deceitful acts of the leaders of this world and everyday-people like you.

PR: When are you going to record an album/ep?

Shawn: We intend to sharpen our skills first, ensured that everyone is in top form, before going into any studio for some serious recording. Maybe around 1 or 2 years from now.

PR: How do you feel about the local metal scene?

Shawn: The local metal scene is tight but it can definitely improve alot more. Like organising a big event, that last for a week or so, annually so every bands in Singapore can come together on the same stage and have more locals supporting one another. Hopefully we can get pass the great dividers.

PR: How do you guys manage the time and commitment as a band?

Shawn: We make it a point to jam at least 2 hours, and meet up with one another to talk about issues as a band, once a week. Everyone of us enjoy being part of this band. Commitment among us are really tight and the best is that it comes naturally.

PR: Where do Hamartia see themselves five years from now?

Shawn: Like every band that ever started, hopefully we can still be around after 5 years and, by then, has already grew much tighter and more professional than we are now.

PR: Okay Shawn, we have come to the end of the interview! Thank you very much for your time. One last question, any words for your fans out there?

Shawn: Thanks for the support. We'll continue to give our best to write better music. Keep the local scene alive. Love one another.
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