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Metal Vs Punk

Editorial written by Dazz Torrent

I do not understand why people must get so serious about Music. I do know music is essential in life but to bring it to matters such as wars? Riots? Just recently, when I was walking along the path outside Tampines Mall with a good friend of mine, we noticed a group of tall dark indian metalheads leaning lethargically against the wall smoking and laughing. They wore spikes, black jeans & metal t-shirts. They seemed to be having fun and enjoying themselves but their face turned into that of monsters when they saw a crowd of punks walking past them.

These punks were bald and had mohawks and wore checkered tapered pants. The group of punks stopped at their tracks and stared at the metalheads. One of the punks shouted loudly "MORBID ANGEL APA LA?". This angered one of the metalheads who replied "Fucking mat, go suck Rancid's cock". And there and then, there was a big heated argument within the two groups as passerbys who were walking stopped and watched the commotion. Then a fight broke out, the two groups started slapping and pushing each other but before the fight could get any worse, a group of policemen arrived to stop the fight.

I also noticed the amount of fights between Metalheads and Punks in my school. It is becoming very common and visible now and according to some of my sources, Planet Paradigm banned all the gigs because of fights between these two groups. I am certainly not sure about this matter but this is a just rumour for now.

My favourite quote is "Different People, Different Opinion". Why bother to fight over the kind of music you listen to??? Anyway, this is just a report to let you people know about recent happenings. Unify, rather then diversify. Till then...
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