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OI! Are You A Skinhead?

Editorial written by PuSSyCaT

* Foreword from PuSSyCaT: This edited article is extracted from a topic posted at the Forum. Do go there (Page 1, 2, 3) for a wider opinion from others.

It is human nature to feel the need to seek security in a group and find a sense of "belonging" there. It's our subconscious primitive instinct.

Although it is perfectly natural to adopt a certain "culture" regardless of what it may be (Punk, Skin, Metalhead, etc.), just please oh please, do your research first.

Iím no Skinhead (obviously), nor am I a qualified Professor with a Doctorate in Skinhead Culture, but from my own understanding and research, this is what Iíve gathered up so far.

If you donít agree with me or I got some facts wrong, do tell me because I really would like to know. One can never learn enough in Life.

For example....

WHY do Skins SHAVE their HEADS?

No, it's not because they just want to look *garang (fierce).

No, it's not because they had a *kutu (lice) infestation.

No, it's not because they have receding hairlines -

And no, it's not because Gillette was on sale at Watsons.

The Original Skins are just your average Joes who work at the docks, in factories, out on the field, etc.

Hair can be hazardous as it'll get caught in machinery, etc. Plus, on top of them not wanting to bother with extra stuff like shampoo etc, it's frigginí cold in the UK (or whatever countries they originate from) and people there tend to only take a bath once a day (some people I know from the UK who migrated to Singapore still do that anyways... eeh).

Some places where they work also deal with tar, which can drip in your hair & of course we all know that isn't very pleasant now, is it?

So to maintain their hair is a hassle.
Shave it off.

Your hair is also part of your identity, differentiating you from others. So once one joins this "Brotherhood", to shave your head is sort of like to "become one" with the pack. Even some males going for pilgrimages do this (another story for another time).

WHY do Skins wear BOOTS?

No, it's not because Doc Martens were going cheap at Queensway Shopping Centre.

No, it's not because slippers give them a rash.

No, itís not because they want to show off their new laces Ė

And no, itís not because their mothers told them it matches with their cute tapered pants.

Again, in the workplace, you can't expect them to be wearing sandals or flip-flops, right? And anything less than boots can prove to be hazardous - if they were to drop anything on their feet, they'd be seriously injured.

Boots were originally designed for the working men anyway.

Steel-toe boots are not "For kicking your girlfriend's ex boyfriend's head in".

Nor are they meant for the purpose of kicking around dustbins...

Your toes are delicate and are more susceptible to injuries if a heavy load were to be dropped on your feet - so these boots are to prevent you from getting a serious handicap.

WHY do Skins wear TIGHT JEANS?

Once again, we all know that it's not advisable to wear loose clothing around machinery or when one is doing a lot of physical work.

Good jeans don't rip easily, nor do they get snagged on things.

Perhaps it's not even tight?

They work so hard and most of them are in pretty good shape (that's what manual labour does for you!), so the jeans might just fit them snugly.

Or once again, they don't have the money to buy so many pairs of jeans, they're stuck wearing the same ones for the next 10 years, so through time and body development, it becomes tight.

Like I said before, I'm not even a Skinhead and these are just my own observations, opinions, interviews and research - But at least just have the common sense to realize the practicality of what you do or wear.

Yes, I'm into Metal - yes, my fiancťís a Metalhead. NO he does not wear a Leather Jacket 24/7 in Singapore's "blessed" weather.

Yes, I admit I do have a leather jacket which I love - but I'm not going to kill myself from heatstroke and wear it everytime I go out just cos "That is what Metalheads are supposed to wear".

Hell, even when Metallica came to Singapore, they didn't wear their leather jackets!!

Yes, I wear tight jeans - only because I look good in them and I'm really active and move around a lot, so my other pants are usually slipping off (trust me, I have to pull them up every few minutes).

Yes, I sometimes wear boots. Only because I'm quite rough by nature, so my sandals or whatever don't last very long.

Besides, I'm a girl with BROAD size 9 1/2 feet - you tell me where the HELL can I find comfortable high-heels and I'll give you my cat (no wait, actually I won't - haha).

Wear what you want!! It's not a crime!! Do not conform to society or give in to Peer Pressure. Anything as long as you are comfortable and itís practical for your natural surroundings.

If you go to Africa, don't wear a snow cap and a ski mask.
If you go to Afghanistan, don't wear a string bikini.
If you go to the North Pole, don't wear just a bowtie.

So long as it's practical and doesn't make people snigger behind your back.

But don't come crawling to me when your feet are all blistered up from your thigh-high boots, you're delirious with heatstroke from your 6 layers of shirts & denim/leather jackets, or you've run out of plasters to stick on to your sliced head...
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