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Punk's Not Dead... My Ass!

Editorial written by Dazz Torrent

This is my first time writing an article and here goes. It is about Punk Music. First and foremost, I hope this article does not offend any local punk bands out there or any outsiders and I also believe that different people have different opinions but I felt it was best if I expressed how I feel.

In my school, if you don't listen to Blink-182 and Sum 41. You're not cool. Punk is dead, face the fact. Blink-182 and Sum 41 will never ever rule over The Sex Pistols & The Ramones. I am not a fan of punk music and I never really liked punk but I can certainly tell which band is punk and which isn't.

I have to admit that punk in the olden days were influential and awesome. Unfortunately, Punk is dead now and punk will never be the same again as it was before in the olden days. There are many people in my school who wear meshcaps and go around yelling "Punk's not dead! Punk's not dead". Some of those people haven't even heard of Green Day. Either that or they still listen to Avril Lavigne and claim she's punk. I believe that there are a few rare REAL punk bands out there that these people haven't heard of yet (Suicidal Tendencies, CroMags, etc.). Anyway, back to the topic, these so called "punks" only listen to shit played on MTV. Three words... GET A LIFE!

I especially hate it when these people thinks skating is the coolest thing in life. Their attitude is like "If you don't skate, you ain't cool, so go away and get a life". And I will now state a fact that the new age punks are completely poseurs. If any of those kind of people are reading this, here's to you "If you don't know anything about punk or if you don't know the history of punk, don't claim you're a punk just for the sake of it, so called 'COOL' people".

Anyway, Just last week, a "punk" by the name of Leon asked me a stupid question. "What is punk?" and I simply replied "A type of music. Duh!" but he retorted back angrily "NO! PUNK IS A WAY OF LIFE!" and he started ranting about mohawks and skinheads. Now I know why modern "punks" are so poor. It is because they spent all their money on their image.

And oh yeah, not to forget... Busted and Simple Plan aren't punk. I can drag out 251 words from my vocabulary just to describe how awful they are. Punk isn't always about writing lyrics which consists of getting kicked out of the house, skating and breaking their legs and how the guy does not get the girl they want.

And to the so called "punks" in my school, get a life... go listen to The Sex Pistols and you will know the real meaning of punk. As the saying goes, "PUNK'S NOT DEAD!!!", but in my opinion, punk is dead. Thank god there are many local punk bands out there which are bringing back the old punk scene. Cheers to you guys. \m/

Till then, this is Dazz Torrent.
Copyright 2006 Pure Rock