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Interviewed by Kaze & scuzzybum

This month June, we bring to you an interview with Predatory, a death metal band. At 2.30pm, we arrived and met up with the 3 members of Predatory, namely Vinod (Guitars), Jay (Bass) and Seelan (Drums). We chatted a little before starting with the interview.


PR: First things first, thanks for taking time to grant us this interview, would you first like to introduce yourselves and the band?

Vinod: Hi, I am Vinod or you can call me Chuck and I play the guitars.
Jay: I am Jay who just joined the band recently as the bassist.
Seelan: I am Seelan, playing drums for the band.

PR: So, how long have Predatory been playing?

Vinod: Well, the band had been playing for about a year now.

PR: So, how long have you guys been playing your instruments?

Vinod: Well, for me, I've been playing for about 2 years.
Jay: For me its about 2-3 years.
Seelan: Hmm, 2 years.

PR: What is the music influence for the band?

Predatory: First off, the band Death have been a great influence to how we play our music, other bands like Carcass, Therion, Immortal, Obituary have also influenced their style of play.

PR: There's some great bands mentioned. So what is it about these bands that influence your music?

Jay: It comes from how the band projects their music and the professional way they play their music.

PR: There must be an inspirational musician to you?

Vinod: My favourite guitarist is Kirk Hammett of Metallica.
Seelan: For me, it's gotta be Mick Harris from Napalm Death.
Jay: The bassists from Red Hot Chili Peppers (Flea), Rudra (Kathi) and Sedus are inspirational.

PR: As musicians yourselves, what criteria or skills do you think one need to posses to be in a band.

Seelan: Basically, all of us think in sync that the criteria that is top on the list should be commitment and of course dedication.

PR: So, where do Predatory see themselves in 5 years time?

Predatory: In 5 years, we hope to be more established, being able to release a good CD as well as have the chance to play in more shows.

PR: Tell us how you feel about the current local metal/rock scene?

Predatory: First off, we think the scene is constantly fluctuating, lots of ups and downs. Occasionally, it tends to be quite stagnant. We all feel that it needs more improvement. Also, People in the scene tend to support only their friends during shows. Other people also tend to have wrong perception of the music.

PR: What improvements would you guys like to see in the current music scene?

Predatory: Well, it would be great if there is more support from the crowds and less biased views towards the bands. And of course more local bands coming out to play music and releasing albums.

PR: Playing music, how does it influence your lives?

Predatory: Basically, we would describe it as "An Outlet for Creativity".

PR: An important question, where does the inspiration for the lyrics come from?

Seelan: It comes from the negative that happens to the world, such as conflicts.

PR: Finally, what message would you bring out to future youngsters who aspire to play music in the scene?

Predatory: Music is like a growth, they have to grow with it, but at the same time it must not interfere with your life.

We have come to the end of the interview and Pure Rock would once again like to thank Predatory for taking time to grant us this great interview. You guys have been great!

Predatory have a self-released demo titled "Ideas To Ponder", and you can listen to the samples from their official website!
Copyright 2006 Pure Rock